Accuracy of Candida Tests

blood testInteresting question someone asked about testing for candida:

“I have been sufering from majority of the symtoms that evereyone here posts about and what i have read concerning candida and i recently had the blood and stool cluture done from great smokies and it came back negative and i am confused on how reliable that test is and if i should trust it or not. I am just sick of being sick and would like to find the problem…”


I had the great smokies stools test done too. It came back negative. But I do have candida. I have indellible proof.

1. I have most all the symptoms and score highly on questionnaire

2. I had several bad cases of oral thrush (i.e. candida in the mouth)

3. I have constant dysbiosis and fermentation in the stomach including feeling drunk and hungover (I’m tee-total).

4. When I took certain yeast-displacing products (i.e. S. Boulardii & Primal Defense) I got a big reduction in symtpoms including bloating/dysbiosis and at the same time my stools were cloudy. More importantly than visual diagnosis of stools I could feel a sticky substance on my backside after going to the toilet, which would linger for a while and only go away after a few days of washing.

If you score highly on the questionnaire - i.e. if you have majority of symptoms then you almost certainly have candida. The way to tell for sure is if you have bloating/dysbiosis/fermentation going on in your stomach. This is pretty unique to candida as far as I know, to the extent that some practioners define candida as fungal dysbiosis.

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