Inspirational Candida Story

Here is a very inspirational story written by a candida sufferer. Hope this inspires people to stick with what they’re doing, and presevere!

I began suffering acute symptoms of systematic Candida 7 years ago, but can trace the beginnings of Candida overgrowth back to 18 years ago.

When I was a young teen and began having periods I also started getting severe yeast infections. I had these yeast infections very regularly until the birth of my first child at 19. I just assumed at 19 that my body chemistry had changed with the birth of my child and it was a blessing they had stopped and never thought about it again.

I had my second child at 23 and went back on my birth control pill for 2 years. At 25 I quit taking my birth control pill and all HELL broke lose.

My hair fell out in clumps for many months. My skin and scalp became so oily that no amount of washing could help it look decent. A month after that it became so dry that I couldn’t find anything that would moisturize it. I was very desperate. And then I broke out in itchy rashes.

This went on for 6 months in high intensity. I went to the Dr. She ck’d my thyroid and took blood tests of my hormones etc and couldn’t find anything wrong with me. She thought my rashes were poison ivy or poison oak and gave me creams that did nothing and then a steroid pack. The steroids of course worked while I took them and after the last pill, quit working. If I knew then what I know now, I of course would not have taken them. (Or the birth control pills for that matter.)

Then at the end of 6-8 months I crashed into an intense depression. I was under extreme stress at my job (I work in law enforcement) my hair was thin, I couldn’t wear any cosmetics because the oil glacier or the dryness (it went back and forth from week to week) I was ugly, stressed, and depressed and no one could figure out what was wrong with me.

The Dr kept testing me and couldn’t find anything “wrong” with me and ended up prescribing me Sarafem–which is an antidepressant for PMDD (pre menstrual disforia–spelling??) which has the same active ingredient as Prozac basically. I wouldn’t take it, but my depression finally put me on the couch. I laid there and couldn’t get up and my husband made me take the Sarafem.

The Sarafem worked, my depression left and my hair quit falling out (for a while at least) I took Sarafem for 6 months and at that time I began having extreme nervous energy and racing thoughts and I discontinued use. It did reset the buttons on the depression, but my hair never grew back. My skin never looked nice again.

I began experimenting with topical cures for skin and hair at that time. I had great success but only temporary. (I didn’t know the problem was internal at time) It was also at this time that I gained 30 pounds fairly rapidly and began getting constipated and had extremely stinky gas…when I say extreme, it was EXTREME. I would pray just to have a bowel movement.

I knew laxatives were bad but I did have to use one once when I went 9 days without a movement. I was so completely IGNORANT at that time. I went back to the Dr, told her my hair was still falling out, but not at the degree as before (it had been coming out in handfuls) and it did have resting stages where I did not lose hardly any…

it would appear excess stress causes more to fall out…which now I know that stress and candida don’t mix. I told her about my BM and gas problem…she tested me again and still could not find anything “wrong” with me.

It was so frustrating!!!! And I knew at this point, that she could not help me. I studied and studied and researched and tried things that worked for awhile, but eventually it would stop working. I would exercise but yet could not lose the 30 pounds (I never had a problem with weight before)

Anyway…sorry this is so long, I’ll cut to the chase, 6 years passed with me researching and trying different things and I found Clarkia and bowel cleansing and I found some relief. I lost the 30 pounds in the last year and am at my normal size, I use Magnesium and P&B to regularly clear my bowels.

My movements are regular, gas is under control and yet hair still falling out and skin still bad…but not extreme, just not pretty.

And 2 weeks ago, I know this sounds weird…but I asked my husband if he would pray with me for an answer to my hair falling out. We prayed together and the next day by accident on the internet I found something that led me to Candida information.

I wasn’t even looking for it but I found something about inflammation of the scalp and inflammation can cause Serribic Dermatitis (spelling) So I looked to see what causes the inflammation and found Candida. I took 4 different online tests and I am a classic walking case of candida overgrowth.

I’ve got the white tongue to prove it. I skipped some of the smaller details, but every medication and antibiotic, birth control pill etc that causes the problems, I took.

It was like a miracle to know what was “WRONG” with me! Finally an answer! And I’m aggressively attacking back now.

I’m on my 2nd week of using Clarkia as my anti fungal. This whole last week I’ve experienced a MASSIVE die off. Massive. It felt terrible, but it has passed and my BM’s have changed in color and texture. I’ve found strings of candida in my bowels (and a cloud of new candida in a BM when I used Bentonite before I started Clarkia) I’ve found them in mucus also.

I’m also taking HMF intensives Probiotics…which are the only Probiotics made from a human strain so they make their own colonies in the bowels. I’m exercising to sweat out some of the toxins and using hot hot showers and baths and skin brushing. I’m going to start using Castor Oil packs next week to help with the toxins and do my first liver flush next Saturday. Also, I’m going to switch next week to Cold pressed Coconut oil as my antifungal and continue the Probiotics.

I have make SIGNIFICANT progress since I began 2 weeks ago. My skin is almost completely cleared up. It hasn’t looked this good in 7 long years. I could actually wear make-up again if I want to. It’s not oily and not dry, perfectly normal.

After an initial huge break out when I started, the bumps and acnes and whiteheads and blackheads are leaving and almost completely gone. My hair and scalp haven’t looked this good in 7 years. I still have hair coming out in the shower. More than I would like, but we’ll see how it goes. Oh, and I’m also taking a multi-vitamin, Salmon Oil supplement, Vit C&E and Magnesium everyday.

I’m digging in my heels for the long haul, but I believe that within one year that I’m going to conquer the problem. I think the key to overcoming candida is aggressively attacking for at least a year.

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