Anti Fungals That Don't Kill Good Bacteria

Yogurt for probioticHere is another interesting question I encountered in CureZone, an alternative health forum. Finding an anti-fungal is easy. Finding one that does not kill good bacteria is hard.

Question: I have come to a stage in my treatment of cadida where I am trying very hard to introduce some friendly bacteria into my gut as a way of permanently controlling candida. I am taking a lot of probiotics at the moment both in the form of capsules and various yoghurts also other things like chlorella, sauercraut and FOS.

At the same time I want to carry on with antifungals but I really need to use only those which do not kill the good bacteria at this stage. Please could you tell me which antifungals are suitable. I am taking Nystatin and Xlitol. I also have some oregao oil tablets which I know is okay but they also contain grapeseed oil, is this okay? I would be very grateful for any advice on this subject.

Answer: Caprylic Acid is an antifungal but not antibacterial so that would work. Anything with grapefruit seed extract is antibacterial and would kill the good with the bad. I would say the best thing to do is encourage the right environment for good bacteria and then your efforts will be successful.

This would not only include killing off yeast and bad bacteria but cleansing the bowel of impurities that prevent the healthy bacteria from hanging around, addressing nutrient deficiences which starve your healthy bacteria the same way they starve you, following a proper diet that will encourage the good and discourage the bad. With all those things in your favor it is pretty hard not to succeed. But truly they all must be addressed.

The antifungal I’ve started taking, because I couldn’t handle ‘anti-candida’ and acidophilus is Pau d’Arco. It comes from a tree’s ‘immune system’ and I’m getting along with it very well so far. In fact I’m getting a lovely feeling of well being inside which I can only assume must be the Pau d’Arco.

As for probiotics, I saw a programme last night that proved that garlic, artichokes, leeks and onions actually work much better than pro-biotic yoghurt because instead of putting new good bacteria in they feed and enhance the good bacteria we already have.

They tested these veg on one group of people and the yoghurt on a different group and the first group were much improved (much of the bad bacteria had gone) but with the second group nothing much had happened yet, though they said perhaps the yoghurt might work in time.

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