Any comments on VitaminShoppe Mega Whey Extreme?

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My first question is: Any comments on VitaminShoppe Mega Whey Extreme?.

My next question is: DAM, guys n Ladys..

Some you replied to post I put up about my course I got to do since pulling both my pecs..

25mg dianabol daily 8weeks.

750mg Test E 10weeks.

600mg Deca 10weeks.

Im on my 1st week and only doin 25mg dianabol (naposims) for theweek to c how I feel since pulling my pecs. All seems ok get sight ache in pecs/ribs but LOADS better (been 9-10weeks now).

Im coming to do jabs from Monday and am getting nervous, since I had this pec injure the pains I got from it mainly in my chest area (obviously).

Slightly scared me of jabbing..

I read that if you jabbed into a vein it could put you in a coma or very maxium death!!.

I know I'm being silly as I jabbed the last 4yrs..

Also I had a scare on my last course which I used insulin and went hypo..

Which also got me nervous..

Guess really just need few good words help me out..

Not many guys at my gym jabb up all small guys really so not many guys to talk to.

Cheers for yr time..

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Your question was: Any comments on VitaminShoppe Mega Whey Extreme?.

Just worried from the pains I got in chest from pulling both pecs scared the life out of me, didnt know what I had done till had bein to hospital..

Got usual steriod questions as soon as took top of..

Just some people say can cause major probs if went in vein and some say it woud do a think as they neva aspirated in all hte yrs they been on juice..

Comment #1

If you inject into a vein, you effectively give yourself a pulmonary embolism. Which can lead to a myocardinal infarction (Heart attack) which can lead to death..

If you have any doubts, have some asprin handy so if you feel any of the following syptoms take one or two to help thin the blood. It could save your life! AND ALWAYS ASPIRATE..


-Sudden chest pain.

-Difficulty breathing.

-Cough with blood.

-Lightheadedness and fainting.

-Excessive sweating.

-Bluish tint to skin.


Take care! 8)..

Comment #2

And my two cents bro dont run dbol for 8 weeks it will kill your liver run it only for 6 weeks..

Comment #3

I wouldn't have thought 25mg or 5 tablets would do that much damage over 8 or even 12 weeks to your liver,a liver protectent like Silymarin or Liv 52 could be taken and should be taken but imo you'll be ok,..

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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