Any1 knows any weight gaining drinks or pills u can get from etc.?

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My first question is: Any1 knows any weight gaining drinks or pills you can get from etc.?.

My next question is: Looking at running test e at 500mg/week for 10 weeks with half a arimidex tab per day. Is it wise to stop the arimidex during pct or would it's continued use be benificial? thanks dudes..

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Your question was: Any1 knows any weight gaining drinks or pills you can get from etc.?.


What would be your suggested doseages for a Nolva AND Aromasin PCT?.


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Nolva - 40mg ed for 7 days then 20mg ed for 14 days (studies have shown 20mg Nolva to be as effective as 150mg of Clomid for PCT purposes)..

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Thanks for the response pscarb..

I'm comfortable with my Nolva dosing just wanted more info on using Aromasin with it.....

I did find a related article from suggesting a dose of 20 - 25 / day but itdidn't say how long for..

The article can be found at

Any additional information would be appreciated..


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Yea sorry mate I was not in a position last night to check my notes on the aromasin....

I use 30mg ed for 3-4 weeks with great results but I do gauge my recovery by the way of Blood test's....

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So should I stop the arimidex with the last shot or the day before I start the nolva?..

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Was thinking along the lines of Test E half life. Ie there will still be active test in the system and it wouldn't hurt although correct me if I'm wrong as it's not something I'm certain about...

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Thats what I was thinking also young gun, however I am no expert and as such am seeking advice..

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Well this does depend on how prone to Gyno he is going to be even if very prone 1mg ed until his last jab would suffice in stopping all gyno even after the last jab..

Seeing the half life is 10.5 days for enthanate and the half life of A-dex is 3 days and the normal dose for Adex is .5mg ed then you will have sufficient A-dex in your body to combat any sides from estrogen the enthanate at 500mg will give you.....

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Well I was thinking that 10.5 days for enan and 3 days for Adex so theres a week in between but I'm obviously missing the point somewhere? Regardless it's pretty irrelevant your not going to get gyno in that week but can you explain why I'm missing the point..

Cheers Paul..

Comment #9

Take less arimidex = save more tablets for future cycles!..

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Cheers guys. I am quite gyno prone hence all the researh. Can somebody give me a definitive half life for test prop was thinking of this because would be out of my system quicker if probs occur. I did ask on a certain other site but they locked the topic as I pointed out that they had conflicting reports on this in their articles, shame really. Idef dont fancy eod shots!..

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So could you get away with prop shot every 3 days or even twice a week?..

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