Are VitaminShoppe's open sundays?

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My first question is: Are VitaminShoppe's open sundays?.

My next question is: My status is 5'7 150lbs atheletic 24 years old and I'm going to do a cycle for about 3 months.imma use boldenone(equipose)200mg/10ml stack with primobolan 200mg/10ml and drink some wieght gainer.can I gain atleast 20 lbs in 4 months??? or does anyone have a better solution??? 8)..

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Your question was: Are VitaminShoppe's open sundays?.

There is some really good info on here regarding diet mate, lee has posted a guide that are well worth a read..

There is little point starting steroids if your diet isn't up to scratch so sort that first and you will make decent gains without using drugs..

Comment #1

Well my diet is ..... morning-toasted bread with butter and a glass of milk.afternoon chicken with rice and black beans and midnight I eat steak sandwich and drink wieght gainer 2-3 times a day.oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys the reason I wanna use equipose stacked with primo is cuase I wanna get ripped and hard I dont want an incredible hulk physique just wanna be ripped .hard and atheletic not bigg ass bulk just shredded abs and a lil bulky thats all guys so got any better solution hit me back fellas and mates!!!..

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Dont get upset mate, it may sound harsh but these chaps are just trying to get you to think carefully about what you are doing. ironically this is out of mutual respect!.

Read back to the earlier posts - you are being urged to research the whole thing yourself. nobody has time to school you especially when this site has a search function and acres of informative reading.

So, go back to basics. read up nutrition here and on other sites. if you are not able to do some basic research on your own into things like diet, supplements and cycles/drugs then perhaps you will not handle the (very) complex matter of the practical when the time comes.

If you simply react to criticism with anger people will be less likely to want to help you. but I tell you, everyone has to make their own way in the end. read up on diet then once you have that sussed, start reading up on drugs/cycles. take your time and get it right..

Comment #4

As has been pointed out.. your diet is crap! this wasnt a pop at you.. it's a fact! take it on the chin..

We suggest changing it mate!.

If your diet is crap and you take steroids YOU WILL LOOK CRAP and be wasting your money!.

What are your goals with your training?..

Comment #5

You came onto this board for advice so why ask questions if you don't want to know the answer....

You are the same as most young guys nowadays that think steroids will make you big by just taking them but the truth is that steroids are only a very small part of the big picture now if you want help then post up your daily diet and times you eat and we will all help you out if not so be it go else where and annoy them...

Comment #6

Lol.. hopefully hes here to learn just like everyone else... lets stop slating the guy eh?..

Comment #7

Lee I will play nice but only if he stops with this sort of attitude.....

Comment #8

Here goes mate morning (1 slice toast, 2 eggs and some cheese -chedder not **** cheese) add some beens if you like. mid morning (shake) Dinner (tuna sandwich or chicken add some fruit) mid afternoon (half sandwich some fruit). Tea (chicken, steak whatever really) mid evening (shake) bed time (whey).

Do this for a few days then post again what your eating, the diet is just to give you an idea, I'm not saying it's right but you have to really consume protien with every meal and try to eat 6 times a day thats not easy so people supplement and use whey shakes..

Steroids will not make you grow, you can water your flower pot all day mate but it want grow if there are no seeds inside...

Comment #9

Well I cant tell you everything I eat but the bottom line is that I consume 4,000 calories a day isnt that enough to gain atleast 20lbs of muscle in 3 or 4 months??? and they are not fat calories either by the way..

Comment #10

Ok here goes.

If you know that you eat 4,000cals every day then you can tell us what you eat if not how do you know it totals 4000cals I would hope that at least a quarter of these cals are fat calories otherwise you are not going to gain as the body needs good fats to not only function but to build muscle..

You will not gain 20lbs of muscle in 3-4 months never going to happen without some form of test I have seen from your post's on other sections of the board that you want to be ripped but not bulky you sound as if your in a hurry to gain muscle sorry to say but it's just not going to happen especially with the steroids you have posted (winny, primo, Boldo).

Now you need to set yourself more realistic goals otherwise you will be dissapointed..

Now for us to help you then you need to tell us these things about you..

1 - your daily diet meal by meal.

2 - your daily training routine.

3 - your AAS history.

4 - your general stats.

With these facts about your self then we can help you acheive a decent amount towards your end goal but you need to do some work by jotting down your diet and training routine first...

Comment #11

Well I read most of the steroids profile on and other sites too and I read that winny and equipose is a good stack to get lean and not correcting you I'm just saying what I do you know what really works to get lean and hard I mean good lord it can be that hard cuase I'm not fat or chubby at all and I have pretty good abs and I had never done exercise in my life so I'm just guessing that with some legit gear and intense workouts and a good diet I should get shredded I can skip burning fat cuase I dont have any fat anywhere I'm slim 5'7 150lbs and no I'm not in a hurry to get muscles.and I agree that you need calories to gain muscle however it's hard for me to agree that you have to eat vegatables and fruits all the time to gain muscles simple becuase I have some friends that dont eat healthy everyday and they got huge using steroids and besides when you drink a weight gainer doesnt it brings all the nutritions that fruits and vegatables have???......................................................and one thing I forgot to mension....i was using testosterone enth 300mg and working out 3.

Hours a day with the diet I had mentioned and I swear on my life I gained 6 pounds in 8 days no bs guys....but then I stopped becuase.......................

Comment #12

I stopped becuase I read that test has the highest risk for side thats why I wanna use equipose dont get me wrong eq stills have side effects too but not like test does......and I also read that it's difficult to maintain the gains with test unless you take action and with eq it takes a lil longer for gains but the gains are more permanent.i greatly respect everyone that is being hard on me in this board cuase I think you guys look out for one another.but damn guys you are making it seemed like it's impossible to gain some wieght with steroids I'm not saying it's easy either but does your diet has to be so perfect(healthy) so you can gain muscles????..

Comment #13

Nobodys being hard on you, just trying to stop you making a mistake, you say you don't want to get any bigger so to me that means forget steroids and get your diet sorted thats the key mate not the gear. I sometimes train twice a day low intensity cardio in the morning and weights after work and both my workouts combined wouldn't be as long as 3 hours I couldn't train at a decent intensity for that long..

You would get some gains with a crap diet but not to the same extent and why f#ck around with your body if you can't be arsed sorting your diet and training out?.

Mate the test wouldn't haver even kicked in after 8 days so not sure what happened it certainly wasn't the test tho..

Sort your diet and training out then when they are both in order you will see decent gains..

Comment #14

Yes you can gain muscle using steroids but only if your diet is decent otherwise you will gain more bloat than muscle and that is fact..

It sounds from your post that you are in a hurry and you don't want to put the hard work in to gain muscle and just want the quick fix by using gear....

Test E is probably one of the safest drugs for a first time user and one of the best I have to agree with Wigz there is no way you gained 6lbs in 8 days from this gear as it does not start to effect your body for 10-14 days what you experianced was the placebo effect..

For lean gains diet is key it would seem from what you have said about your metabolism then you can afford to eat a little junk without any problem..

In one of your last post's you claim to be eating 4000cals per day but you avoid laying down your daily diet and how you get this figure..

Now if you are truly wanting our help then answer these questions..

1 - your daily diet meal by meal.

2 - your daily training routine.

3 - your AAS history.

4 - your general stats.

Otherwise any advice would just be guess work...

Comment #15

Yes their are sides associated with Test E but at the dose you should be doing(250mg-500mg ew) will be on the low side of any sides..

EQ is a decent drug but the return you will get from this product on the low dose you should be taking will be low..

Now you mention Winny this drug will cause more harm to your kidneys than any test as Winny is a 17aa drug therefore harmful to your kidneys..

You have not done enough research or you have been just reading snippets of information do more research step down your goals because even with the most perfect diet and AAS you will not gain 20lbs of muscle in 3-4months you might gain 20lbs in weight but not just muscle..

Now help us to help you and give us the answers to the questions I asked above, and stop getting defensive and aggressive when you don't get the answers straight away as on this board we will not give out information if we feel that you are not ready or that the information we give will harm you...

Comment #16

Luigie, you seem like you have read up a little on this subject, but understood nothing. you say on the one hand you wanna get shredded, but don't have to burn fat cos you don't have any.i would really stay away from any steroids. you gotta learn a lot more about this whole subject before you start using drugs. you're 150lbs, believe me you can add shit loads of muscle without using gear on a 150lb frame. As for the side effects of different drugs, educate yourself kid. boldenone is either generic, or vetinary. Is this something to use if you're worried about side effects ?

Comment #17

Well I think my metabolism is very unique cuase all I eat since I was lil is meat,meat nothing but meat.i dont eat fruits and vegtables though I drink lots of fruit and veg pretty sure is genetics cuase my dad always had been lean and he eat nothing but meat and I dont wanna a king kong body I just wanna be toned,ripped and hard and even if I work out 3 hours a day it will take like a year to get the hard body I desire thats why I'm looking for a 'SHORT CUT" I JUST WANNA USE A GOOD GEAR TO GET THE BODY THEN STOP JUICING FOR GOOD AND MAINTAIN THOSE GAINS BY STILL WORKING OUT HARD.I AM A LIL WORRIED ABOUT WHAT IMMA PUT IN MY BODY BUT I THINK IT WONT EFFECT ME IF I USE GEAR ONLY FOR 4-5 MONTHS THEN QUIT OR WOULD IT????OR MAYBE I SHOULD JUST USE SUPPLEMENTS HOW ABOUT CREATINE GUYS????..

Comment #18

Luigi mate.... this is not me having a dig at you.. it's me telling you up straight and honest! you are not ready for steroids!!!! yes, your buds in the gym may tell you you are.... strangely these will also probably be the ones selling you them..

Steroids are "performance enhancers" that is all... they make your body work better!.

If you want to be lean and hard then you need to diet and eat correctly and take your training and nutrition seriously! there are no easy ways in bodybuilding... taking steroids for yoiu at this stage will have a bad effect on your body in my opinion!.

Look on the web and look at the physiques of some of the natural competitors... you WILL be surprised!..

Comment #19

I guess I am wasting my breath and valubale time even answering your post's as I don't even think you know how to train never mind being ready for gear.......if you are that worried about putting things in your body then stop thinking about steroids.....

Comment #20

Problem 1 crap diet.

Problem 2 I train 3 hours a day.

Problem 1 + problem 2 = a big fooking mess.

All the advice you have been given is spot on, if you don't actualy want advice why ask?..

Comment #21

Are you seriously comparing 4 - 5 months on steroids with creatine?..

Comment #22

I think luigie should stick to norateen-.

Remember it's a 1000x stronger than dianbol mate! :P..

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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