Benefits of Bentonite Clay

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Maybe you aren’t aware, but bentonite clay can be used to remove all the toxins and harmful waste and buildup in our bodies. These toxins and build up has had years to collect in our colon. Find it hard to believe? Well, yes our bodies are designed to eliminate waste and toxins. However, the foods we often choose to eat aren’t as healthy for us as we might think. Taking bentonite clay has been proven to be effective for people who are interested in cleansing their body. It is so powerful that it has been used by over 200 cultures for centuries throughout the world.

Natural clay is often used today and is commercially known as: bentonite clay, montmoreillonite, or pascallite. Technically speaking, this clay is created from weathered volcanic ash. There are two major types of natural clay available. Sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite.

Sodium bentonite is mostly industrially for things such as the mud used in oil exploration, and in the sealing of disposal systems for nuclear fuel and various other harmful chemicals. Sodium bentonite can mainly be found in the southwestern region of the U.S. and Greece.

Calcium bentonite is mostly used in alternative medicine. It’s main use is detoxifying the body. This mineral is mainly located in the Central Mountains, the Great Plains, and the Southeastern region of the U.S. China also has a profound resource of calcium bentonite.

Today, many alternative medicine practitioners appreciate the effectiveness of bentonite clay in the process of detoxification. Bentonite is typically available in either a gel, powder or capsule.

Taking bentonite in a liquid form has been found to have the most benefits. The best time to ingest it is immediately, before meals. If this is not possible, one hour before meals will also be effective. To start, 1 tablespoon of bentonite clay mixed in with juice is advisable on a daily basis. Apple sauce is an alternative to juice. After one week you can adjust the dosage to up to 4 tablespoons divided up daily.

Bentonite clay is very useful in eliminating pathogenic viruses, aflatoxin, toxins, pesticides, and herbicides. The bentonite clay naturally attracts the particles of these toxins and waste via magnetism. This bentonite also acts like a sponge in the sense that it expands when it absorbs water. Since toxins are drawn to the bentonite clay, this helps is purge and detoxify your body of harmful materials and waste. Bentonite is also an inert substance. This means is is not absorbed by the body and will essentially pass through without being changed. This allows it to collect the toxins from your body.

Over years of eating unhealthy foods, fried foods, and processed foods, we are building up waste in our system. Bentonite clay helps remove this build up by scraping the excess buildup from the lining of our colon. This benefits us as the body will then be able to absorb nutrients from the food we eat in a more efficient manner. If you follow this by eating right and exercising, you can help restore the youth, and vigor to your body. This will surely help add years to your life, and help your body perform at an optimal level.

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