Can a suppliment powder at a VitaminShoppe store, make you break-out into a rash?? And why??

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My first question is: Can a suppliment powder at a VitaminShoppe store, make you break-out into a rash?? And why??.

My next question is: I mentioned AnT's restocking - dont know where the thread has vanished to..

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Your question was: Can a suppliment powder at a VitaminShoppe store, make you break-out into a rash?? And why??.

Sorry about that - but the site stated no reply to emails regarding time to process etc. Its just the delay has messed up my training plans...

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Sorry to hear that mate but why has it messed up your training plans??..

Comment #2

Have a break from work (annual leave) - planned to train and eat well without the hassles of work.....

Comment #3

I don't understand why you cannot still do this??..

Comment #4

Some work days can be 12 hours. Its all well and good to eat well, train well etc. But when you have to catch a train for a meeting in London in the afternoon and not get back home untill 11pm training can be difficult to fit in. Plus the fact that it's 6am wake up call. This can happen twice a week. It usually happens during the end of work projects (when something goes wrong usually).

No distractions...

Comment #5

I think what pscarb was getting at is that us bodybuilders train no matter what... we ALWAYS make time to go to gym and eat, rest etc. and put many many other things second in life. - missing out on lots of things!.

The point being that if bodybuilding is a priority then you dont need time off to push yourself hard as you should be doing this most of the year..

Obviously your job makes it very difficult.. for me personally... I wouldnt be doing that job as it would stop me doing something I love... youll find most bodybuilders are the same!!.

Dont worry.. we wont string you up for not having quite the same approach as us tho... everyone does this training thing for different reasons and with different levels of commitment!.

...and pauls got a new baby so hes probs just taking some of his stress out on you!! lol... what with xmas coming his wifes probs making his life a stressy misery too.... I know what mines like!.

Hope your sleeping well paul mate!!..

Comment #6

I know what you mean about priorities...currently my uni work has taken a back seat while I focus on my training...not the best way to go!..but hey, I love it too glad i've got back into training....

Anyways, back to the point(ish)...quit your job and move to a farm in the country...convert one of the barns into a hardcore gym and then you're sorted! being able to sustain yourself with all your own food and lots of heavy weights available to lift whenever you want!.


Ah...its the stuff that dreams are made of!.....

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No No No what I was meaning was you seem to be saying that you cannot do what you planned because your order is not with you all I am saying is why not?? just carry on with your training when you have no distractions and you will grow....

I do agree with what Lee has put about training no matter what my job takes me into the city alot and I drive around 30000miles every year and stay around the country in hotels but I still train and even diet for shows why....because I love to.....

Lee yes the boy is keeping me up I had 2hrs sleep last night so legs tonight should be fun..

Comment #8

Little xmas pressie tip mate.... get it an xbox 360... I got my two lads one and it's been extensively "tested" by myself this last few weeks.... lol.. dont worry hes not too young!!! lol..

Comment #9

Thats an interesting point Lee. I wonder how much we sacrifice or compromise to train.

I had a bad couple of weeks recently where first my son had a change of school bus and it kept arriving very late and then there were some major roadworks on the main road I use to get to work/gym. For two weeks, I eiterh had to miss my training or do very shortened sessions and I was like a bear with a sore head all the time..

This morning I sacrificed my session as one of my clients needed to come early. Ten minutes before the session she phoned to cancel and I was furious,much more than the incident warranted. I hadn't taken my kit with me so it felt like a double waste of time..

This time of the year is disruptive too. I've got my son's christmas play on Monday, which I wouldnt miss for the world but it means I wont get to the gym that day..

I know that normally I construct my whole week around my childcare responsibilities first and my training come a close second. Work comes after those (im lucky to be self employed so I can chose my working hours) but the consequence of this choice is I earn less money that I could do if I didn't train..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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