Can Yogurt Cure Candida?

yogurtQuestion Asked by A Candida Sufferer:

I realize the no-to-yes margin for my subject question is probably as wide or wider than the grand canyon, ranging from products that shouldn’t even be called yogurt to their sugar content to making sure an ample amount of live bacteria even reach a person’s gut without getting killed by stomach acid in the first place.

Assuming it is actually possible to eventually get candida (pretty extreme case) under control with yogurt; can anyone suggest what brand and how much I should consume daily to see eventual results? As hard as it is sometimes I am keeping “candida thriving” foods (or better put the ingredients in food, sugars, etc.) out of my diet as much as possible.

It’s still confusing sometimes whether or not I’m accidentally ingesting more sugars than I realize. Or just how much and what type of sugar is “an acceptable daily amount”. And no fruit? Always though a guy couldn’t go wrong with an apple or two a day in his/her diet. Guess not.

Anyway can anyone give me the lowdown on using yogurt as a probiotic, how much and what brand (mountain dairy claims they have the most LAC per gram of most yogurt brands) I should consume, as well as any other info. about the subject I may need to know? I prefer sticking to yogurt as a probiotic because of all the confusion, false claims, and money wasted on the probiotic marketplace in general


yogurt isn’t safe, just like all dairy, it breaks down into sugar way too fast and the Candida seems to love it, your better off taking Pro-biotic supplements of some kind. Ok, if you think your having things which feed the candida, try eating something then at least half an hour after eating do you feel different? And how so? If you feel drunk (irritable, elated, clumsy and all the other things associated with being drunk or at least tipsy) then its definitely feeding the Candida.

Candida kills off the competition. Whatever probiotics make it past the stomach would be killed off (chemically) by the candida.

The candida must be killed off first, to the extent that there aren’t enough of them left to raise toxins to deadly levels for your probiotics.

Think of the probiotics as what your body needs to stay healthy. They aren’t a weapon against candida. Once the candida is there, you must deal with that first. I used diet + nystatin. Candida is very hard to kill; my doctor said that it takes both to get rid of it and that’s why just modifying my diet- for years- didn’t work. I just kept getting worse.

So, if you were thinking of just having yogurt and avoiding things like sugar, pay close attention to what is happening and whether you are actually improving or declining. Do this after eating a particular food, as the other writer suggested, and also in general. One of my tools to do that is a difficult hike that I do each year.

That makes it easy to compare from year to year. (This year is much better than last)! There are other ways I check, but you get the idea…

Kefir is very easy to make. It contains a number of lactobateria strains and BENEFICIAL yeasts. I ferment kefir and yogurt in my home, that way I am certain of the freshness and viability of the cultures.

I also know that my products don’t include inulin (FOS). I would agree that the candida must be beaten back through a strict diet and anti-fungals before you can hope to repopulate with beneficial flora.

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