Coconut Oil For Candida

coconut oilQuestion found on CureZone:

I am all about finding inexpensive cures for candida though I know a complete diet change is always in order, even to maintain health, much less improve on it.
I have read on that it is effective agains yeast. I just want to know who has tried it.

Answer: Coconut oil, like oregano oil, garlic, grapefruit seed extract and pau d’arco has antifungal properties. Many people have tried it here. It is great. Especially so topically to apply on skin affected by yeast (or on the scalp).

Antifungals are somewhat helpful, but they are not an alternative for the diet and they are not themselves the solution, yet they are part of the solution and any of the above mentioned antifungal can be used orally. When you use them orally, you should always rotate them every 2 to 3 weeks. Candida becomes immune to it and you need another type to keep getting effective results.

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