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My first question is: Do you have GNC or Vitaminshoppe membership?.

My next question is: Any body got any idea what the top pros would be on per week? Just interested and I know most of it is down to genetics and sher blody hard work, but what do you suppose they need to do to be competive?..

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Your question was: Do you have GNC or Vitaminshoppe membership?.

I found the so called Dorian cycle:-.

Edited out..

Comment #1

Muntzer's death cycle:.

Weeks 1-10.







Weeks 1-5.

Testosterone Enanthate 500mg daily.

Parabolan 152mg daily.

Dianabol 150mg daily.

Halotestin 150mg daily.

HGH 20IU daily.

Insulin 20IU daily.

Weeks 6-8.

Masteron 300 mg daily.

Parabolan 152mg daily.

Winstrol Tab 250mg daily.

Halotestin 150mg daily.

Winstrol Inj. 50mg daily.

HGH 24IU daily.

Weeks 9-10.

Masteron 200mg daily.

Winstrol Inj. 100mg daily.

Halotestin 200mg daily.

Winstrol Tab 400mg daily.

HGH 24IU daily.

Insulin - daily.

IGF-1 daily.

Days 1-3 leading up to the show.

Aldactone, Lasix to cut water..

Comment #2

Mother of god, these guys must be walking pin cushions. I read about the muntzner cycle in a book last year but surely this would shock even the most hardened pro, he was not a typical user?..

Comment #3

Munzer died... end of story! why did he die? he ****ed up big style... whether that cycle of his is true or not... his steroid use will have played soem part in his death.. although in my understanding it was actually the use of dieurectics that actually killed him! everyone knows the dangers of these drugs... so you cant push yourself too far with them...

With regard dorians cycle... id rather we didnt post things like that on here.... as it is simply pure speculation.. and I thought we didnt deal in bullsh*t????.

Not having a pop at you there nick... just think some young lads could read that as gospel and think that abuse is the way to go!!!!..

Comment #4

The reason it is speculation is cos it's a closed circle of knowledge as to what the pro`s take..

To anyone not in that circle it's a fascinating subject..

Not disagreeing with ya,but,its just natural curiosity......

Comment #5

I've spent some time with Dorian, I stayed with him in Birmingham for a few days and then was in Amsterdam with him and Dennis James for a few days, I can categorically say on the record what was posted is absolute BS!.

He may have used all those products over a year but not at the same time, for one there are too many which are used in attempt to attain very different looks and so no point in using them together..

Dorians courses weren't as heavy as you may think..

Neil, what does it matter? How many keepy uppy's can David Beckham do? How many doughnuts can Micael Schumacher do? Does it matter?.

Comment #6

Alot of people simply assume that the pros take sh*tloads... as they are incapable of working as hard as these guys do... not just in the gym.. but in sticking to a clean diet year round!.

Like I say we dont deal in bullsh*t here... so although we cant say what exactly is taken... we can say when something shouldnt be suggested is taken by them!!..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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