Give me some feedback on the 'Release' pills from VitaminShoppe.?

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My first question is: Give me some feedback on the 'Release' pills from VitaminShoppe.?.

My next question is: Hi guys, belive it or not I've been training for 20 years - age 37 now and I've decided the time is right for me to try a course of gear. I'm reasonably strong. I'm after quality gains hopefully about 8 - 10 lbs.Is this too much to hope for? been on a few web sites e.g. Mick Hart, Laymens guide this is by far the best forum I have come across for unbiased advice. I've aquired Deca my cycle was going to be 200mg every 5 days for 12 weeks. After reading your comments I'm going to order some nolvadex to take during cycle.

Look forward to hearing from you soon...

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Your question was: Give me some feedback on the 'Release' pills from VitaminShoppe.?.

Hi mate thanks for the reply .i know it's a question everybody asks but how much quality muscle would you expect from the cycle you suggested ,only my thoughts are I only want to do possibly two weight now is 12st/10 and I'm quite lean [44 chest 16 arms 31 waist .thanks your advice is very appreciated..

Comment #1

Sorry Ian that is sucha difficult question to answer as it depends on so many factors.....

Intensity of training.



All you can do is make sure everything is spot on with training/diet and rest and you will make great gains....

Comment #2

"only my thoughts are I only want to do possibly two cycles" it never happens!..

Comment #3

Pscarbs cycles will give you good results....

The gains you make (as have been said) are solely down to how hard you train, how good your diet is and how much rest you get! i.e. it's all down to you... so work hard... eat hard... rest easy.. and enjoy the dark side!!!..

Comment #4

Agreed I think a lot of us pretended that once..

Comment #5

Thanks for your advice [ it's good to know there are people out there willing to help/advise] I was going to start on 200mg deca because probably like all of you I'm a bit worried about [side effects/how it will react] as I said earlier ive been training naturally for 20 years .ive been thinking about it all this time .sad I knowdo I take nolvadex during and post cycle I am a bit unsure as to some of the abbreveation in your list , thanks again look forward to hearing from you p.s ,my wife has agreed to inject me in the butt .is that the best site for first timer ...

Comment #6

Ive done 2 cycles before, and I also only thought Id do 2, but I definately wana do more and get nice a big. Im not looking to compete, just doing it for personal gain. The cycles I did, well I was a bit conservative coz I was worried about the side effects ( more so because gear is heavy expensive in SA, too many middlemen ). But in about 4 months time I wana hit another cycle, and do it properly. Thing is, you cant be too careful with it because taking it is a risk anyway..

I say, you only live once, so live on the edge..


Comment #7

200mg decca is too low in my opinion to get any decent gains!.

Take 10-20mg nolva every day throughout cycle to prevent against gyno (20mg every other day is enough for most).

Nolva or clomid is used at end of your cycle as PCT.. this is essential and there are a few different ways to do it... pscarb is an expert on this so youd do well to follow his advice!..

Comment #8

Hi mate just picking your brains about pct .leeB has advised nolva all the way through the cycle .im good with that I'm just abit unsure [clueless] as to how much/how long post .thanks. I'm glad I'm came across this site never knew about this side of things ...

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