What is a Good Brand of Probiotics?

I like a product called Nature’s Biotics. The bacterial strains in it (which comes in capsules of a dark/dirt-colored powder) is suspected by some to be the same used by Jordan Rubin when he was given a “black powder” by his father to treat (successfully) his Crohn’s Disease.

Supposedly, Jordan, after successfully eliminating his Crohn’s, took the unpatented product and formulated his own (inferior to the original) label called Primal Defense..which is now the flagship product in his now famous company, Garden of Life.

If this is true, Jordan did not give any credit to the inventor/formulator of the “black powder” which saved his life, nor did he provide any details on the source of the microorganismal strains in his Primal Defense.

Nature’s Biotics (formally under different names) is a black powder that comes in capsules. It is a proprietary combination and formulation of aggressive SBO’s (Soil Based Organisms) of which the inventor did not wish to patent so as not to have to reveal its source for fear of it being defiled or exploited negatively in some way.

That’s why anyone (like Jordan Rubin) can take this “black powder” and use it in manufacturing similar, but inferior, products. Look around the web for more info on Nature’s Biotics.

Another product of possible interest to you is something called Effective (or efficient) Microorganisms or EM for short. Hailing from Japan, it is also SBO based and usually comes in liquids. You can purchase a bottle of it and use it in anything from an oral SBO/probiotic, to gardening, to fermenting/culturing foods, to odor control, water treatment, and much more.

It is a very effective and versatile product from what Ifve read. But I haven’t yet used it so I can’t say if it would be more effective than Nature’s Biotics or not. I did find an EM-based Cultured Molasses product which I would like to try out some time. You can find it here, along with other EM products,

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