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My first question is: Hair vitamins from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: I'm currently training clean - just into my sixth week off. I've noticed that Where I was experiencing quite severe heartburn in the last 4-6 weeks of my cycle, it's now disappeared. My diet hasn't changed, the only difference being the absence of any gear. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced any heartburn problems whilst on a cycle (or is it just me!!). My cycle when it was at it's worse was Test Enanthate at 750mg per week, Tren(75mg) eod and Viromone(100mg) eod. I gotta say that the heartburn was pretty bad..

As I say I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar and can anyone shed any light on possible causes...

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Your question was: Hair vitamins from VitaminShoppe?.

Your question was: Heartburn.

I hear what you're saying rokker, I get periods of very bad heartburn. haven't noticed it being only when i'm 'on' though. i'll suffer for a few weeks then it'll just go. it always comes back though. in my case it's diet related i'm sure. if I skip breakfast, my first meal is almost guaranteed to bring it on.

I'm sure many other people suffer from heartburn, but I know of no link between it and gear usage. does anyone else ?

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I had the same as you Rokker. the last 6 or 7 weeks while on my cycle I had chest pains - I suppose you could call it heartburn. once I finished pct it subsided. I definately put it down as a side effect of the gear coz iv never had it before, even when I woof down my food fast. I was using test enanthateat 500mg per week. I was thinking that it may be doen to the extra pressure being put on the heart from lifting weights and using gear. id be interested to hear an explanation to this if any1 has any ideas...

Comment #2

Hi guys.

Had very bad heartburn a while back but was from eating too much chewing gum while dieting causing excess acid build up. chewing stimulates the stomach to secrete acidi get addicted to sweetners when on a carb restricted diet..


Comment #3

Never thought about the chewing in that way... I tend to chew alot whilst dieting too!..

Comment #4

Ive has some sort weird heartburn for over a year since I first tried dbol..

Comment #5

Is it really wise to ignore chronic heartburn and chest pains you guys ?

Comment #6

Kit1 I agree with you here, seek a doctor's advice I think if you have an ongoing pain in your chest...

Comment #7

When I was wxperiencing the problem I posted the concern on here and was told to seek help from a doctor - which I did. he did a few tests and everything was fine. he just said that maybe id slightly strained a muscle around my chest...

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