Has anyone ever had side-effects from Xantrex-3 from VitaminShoppe? It made me really crazy/depresse?

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My first question is: Has anyone ever had side-effects from Xantrex-3 from VitaminShoppe? It made me really crazy/depresse?.

My next question is: Hello.

Im off to thailand in a few weeks and ive been told you can buy roids over the counter at pharmiacies, if this is right and sombody has been there and seen it is there much variety over there and what are the good ones to look out for?.


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Your question was: Has anyone ever had side-effects from Xantrex-3 from VitaminShoppe? It made me really crazy/depresse?.

Hi mate, I was in Thailand not long ago and you can get a fair few types of gear over there at varied prices. to be honest it all depeds on what part of thailand and what chemist you go into. I was looking around a fair old bit and found Organon Sustanon,Deca,Primobolan. Asfar as orals go - I found dronobol (meant to be shit) and androlics(these were the real deal and ****ing cheap). let us know how you get on. Phuket.

In Bangkok you should go and find a chemist down Patpong market - they have a good selection...

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Darrenglover -.

When you go to Thailand don't for get to write..... i'm off to Thailand next March, Chang Mai..

I'm interested to know how easy it is to pick up gear out there. I guess their laws are different and it legal to buy the stuff over the counter for personal use and it's all legit gear - the real deal?.

One question, how do you get back into the U.K. Bring it back in your luggage or post it back?.

Also, how much would you buy, enough for a couple of cycle for yourself, enough for you and a mate... enough to supply all the gyms in you area?.

Have a good one!..

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You will get 8000 d.bol over easy,and the androlics are oxy,green tabs...

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Yeah go for the harder to get stuff no point in buying what you can already get over here..

Comment #4 it that easy to pick gear up out in Thailand?.

Do you just walk into a Chemist / pharmacy, ask...." do you sell D'bol, Anavar, Tests, Deca..?" they say "yes"... no questions asked, hand over the money, thay hand over the gear - top quality stuff..... leave the shop and carry on with your holiday? Put it in you hand lugage and return to blighty....or do you post it back??.

Is it that easy????..

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When your there.. find a hardcore gym and ask where best place to buy things are! these are usually the right people to ask!..

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90% of the chemists you go into will stock AS. Id buy enough to have two or three cycles and then just put them in your luggage. shop around for the best selection of gear and barter the prices down. the more you buy the cheaper it gets. if you buy enough for 3cycles then ul get a good price. like I said - Bangkok, Patpong market have a decent selection - theres some good chemists down there - and some very interesting bars!!!!!! ul see what I mean...

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Hi all,.

I thailand I have buy dianabol pink, and a Winstrol in pharmaceuticals. It's passed in the airport.

The price is very low, it's sure.

But I have not buy testosteron or other product...Sorry...

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