Has anyone ever tried the VitaminShoppe Total Lean Control diet supplemts and did they work for you?

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My first question is: Has anyone ever tried the VitaminShoppe Total Lean Control diet supplemts and did they work for you?.

My next question is: Howsit going people, look I need some help I got a new supplement t3 , it contains ephidrine,caffaine, and aspirin. I would like to know if that sound dangerous and if someone could please give me some workout tips, I have a big build but would like to be ripped as well. and what shouldi eat end not eat thanks A loT!!!.


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Your question was: Has anyone ever tried the VitaminShoppe Total Lean Control diet supplemts and did they work for you?.

Post your current diet and training, it makes it easier if we have a base to work with.

Your penis will be fine mate, I wouldn't take to many before a first date tho..

Comment #1

Why have you bought them if you have no clue how to use them???.

What is your current diet like??..

Comment #2


This is one messed up post.....

T3 = thyroid hormone drug... does not contain ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin.. so what you have is something branded as T3....

ECA = ephedrine caffeine and aspirin.. which is a stimulant... and yes it can cause your knob tp shrivel up!..

Comment #3

Can't believe were now on shriveld knobs, where's sqatty when you need him?..

Comment #4

Just think about what speed does to your **** mate.

Admittedly once you got wood youre well away tho! :twisted:.

Chemically very similar...

Comment #5

Yeah I'm like that on all stimulants, once your up happy days..!.

Eca is sold branded as t5 at my local gym but the strenghs are all over the show and it's a little hit and miss so I just buy eph and add my own caffiene and asprin now..

Comment #6

If my bird read this thread about shrunken knobs etc she would have all the amo she would need for a massive piss taking session..!..

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Look , I'm from South Africa, and it's not the t3 you speaking about, I think it's different, anywy, how should I train ?? Cardio?? weights?? just remember I wanna cut and get ripped... PLZ PLZ PLz help I'm clueless :!: :!: :!: :!:..

Comment #8

Hey claudiho.

Im also a SA dude, got here in Jan this year. I used effies ( as me and mates called it ) and it gave us serious energy, honestly, we trained like animals coz we were hyped up, pushing a little more then usual because of the adrenaline pump you get with it. We took it in capsule form, we didnt do it too often tho. But yeah, if and when you using the shit, then flippin train really hard. I felt that if thats what I did, then I would be tired from training and not still feel hyped afterwards. Only thing is that the after affects are makes you think your hair is standing up, and you battle to sleep.

Thing is, how long have you been training and has it been fairly constant? If yes, then yeah, train really hard when you on the stuff. It wont directly impact your gains like the juice tho. I wouldnt mind getting my hands on the stuff again..


Comment #9

THen sort out your diet and training regime first, forget ephedrine..

Post your current diet and training routines in the relevant forums..

Comment #10

Messin with ephedrine without getting your diet in hand and not being fit to start with is a recipie for disaster !.

Get a good diet going first !! Do some cardio, and stamina wight training. This will naturally reduce your fat levels and build strength..

If you use ephi without a healthy system, you are putting yourself up for strokes and heart failure. ephi is a form of SPEED,, yes the drug speed. and can put immense stress on the heart and blood vessles as it pushes up blood pressure.

If you are not fit to start with, your blood vessels may be weakened, (and could burst ) any dialation in blood vessles can make the heart work harder, and if it's not used to it, high blood preasure will result, and an unfit heart will ENLARGE, and may result in heart failure !! Yup, you die ! or severely damage it.

Ephi can only be used by people who have good cardio condition to start with. Be BLOODY CAREFUL. !!!!.

Get yourself to a good fitness level first ! Ephi should only be used in final cutting stages for serious definition and not as a starter..

Thornton. 8)..

Comment #11

Dont think it's quite that bad.....

Just not the best of choices!..

Comment #12

This is my favourite thread in ages!!!!!!!.

Heart and penis failure!..

Comment #13

Lee, Sossy mate, didn't want to spread gloom and doom,.

You're right in a sense. It's just thought I'd put that in as it has happened in the past with youngsters in the U.S. My Cousin's a pathologist over there, and before ephi was banned he got a case of an 18year old, quite sad really.

He was an obese lad, took ephedra to try and loose weight, but well over the dosage limit, over what they think was two weeks, and then went drinking!.

Result was massive hemorraging in the brain due to massive high blood preasure,, severe dehydration, and other organ damage..

They found the reciept for the 2 bottles in his room, it was two weeks old, and only 4 tabs left out of 320 ! Ouch !.

I know not everyone will die, it's just it sounded like someone wanted a quick fix to cutting. If you ain't mega overwight, and respect what you are taking. You'll be fine..

I still take it when I need too :-).

P.S. My willy must be a good un, it never shrank !! Or maybe it was the scaffolding that stopped it .,., LOL.


Comment #14

You guys not big fans of eph then huh? lol...

Comment #15


Ephedrine + Cafeine + Efferalgan VitaminC.



PS= use it in 3 week and stop it because the effect is desactivate in a long period. By..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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