Has anyone ever used VitaminShoppe Preventive Nutrition Complete Body Cleansing Program to pass a dr?

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My first question is: Has anyone ever used VitaminShoppe Preventive Nutrition Complete Body Cleansing Program to pass a dr?.

My next question is: I have a small lumop under my left nipple and was hoping to reverse this gyno problem by using letro,,Any comments??.

I got the lump from a m1T cycle.3 weeks out from my cycle now taking cloimd and novla..

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Your question was: Has anyone ever used VitaminShoppe Preventive Nutrition Complete Body Cleansing Program to pass a dr?.

Is the lump any bigger or smaller than it was at the start?.

If it's bigger, option =doctor.

If smaller or same size, option = week off Nolva's then go to 60mg/ day for a weeks then back down to 40mg/ day for a week then down to 20mg/day until you notice a reduction in size or it dissappears. personnally it took around 8 weeks when I noticed a small lump in my nipple region. If there is still no reduction after this time period the go to your doctor as the lump will have been too large for retardation in the first place..

Also try get some milk thistle just to give your liver a helping hand, after a cycle of gear and then prolonged use of Nolva it'll be a bit under it's usual performance..

Definately use the Letro for all subsequent stacks...

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Right I'm goina finish of the clomid!!! and then once finished jump into novaldex at 60mg ED until I notice a reduction in size..

What are the side effects associated with theses high doses of novla???.

What do you think the docotor will say or prescribe??..

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Doubt the doc would do anything....

Shouldnt be any real side effects.... mind I'm running nolva for PCT.... and woke up yesterday and was enjoying spring cleaning the house.... so guessing estrogen has a firm grip of me right now!.

....time to go arraneg some flowers and fluff the pillows!.

NEIL R really knows his stuff!..

Comment #3

Hi mate,.

I have gyno whit a cycle testo.... For broken the gyno I use the Proviron.....

The gyno is implanted= Use nolvadex....

Last solution= Go doctor ... Very speed....

For reduce the gyno don't eat mac donald men whit a cycle of testo!!! lol..

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As Lee said, their should be very little side effects, but I would still advise a little Milk Thistle or Liv52 mainly due to the fact that M1T is renown for hitting the liver quite hard (you may have noticed a reduction in appetitie?) and Nolva's are not exactly the gentlest of drugs for you liver either, especially when run for lengthy periods..

Milk Thistle @ 2000mg/day for15 days will be enough..

Witht regards your doctor; all he will do is advise wether or not it'd be worth surgical removal..

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Found some amuzing info on Nolva's & Letro..

In a study of 2000+ female breast cancer patients, they were asked a series of questions as to what side effects they'd experianced; such as fatigue,Hot flushes, Nausea, Headaches etc..

The results were as follows.

Side / Letro / Nolva.

Fatigue / 13% / 13%.

Hot flushes / 19% / 16%.

Nausea / 17% / 17%.

Headaches / 8% / 7%.

Insomnia / 7% / 4%.

As you can see these are not life threatening side effects..

What was interesting about the study????.

It was 5 years long!!!.

Yes these were the side effects experianced after 5 years of daily doses (25mg Letro & 20mg Nolva)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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