Has anyone experienced bad side effects after using "Hoodia Supreme" from VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: Has anyone experienced bad side effects after using "Hoodia Supreme" from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: I know it's all diet and training.

But was wondering whats been some of your best cutting cycles.

Im 6weeks into 1g of test and 400mg of deca.

275lb atm but feal bloted and carnt wait to start cutting..

Just want some ideas cheers...

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Your question was: Has anyone experienced bad side effects after using "Hoodia Supreme" from VitaminShoppe?.

As you have said in your initial post it is all about diet and cardio.....

I start my pre-comp cycle next Saturday on.

Test Enthanate.



Which I suppose most will consider a bulking cycle.....

Comment #1

Very interesting indeed!! How long you dieting for? I guess as the British is your ultimate goal it would be about 18 weeks???.

I can understand the test/deca but not entirely the Methandrostenolone??.

Any reason for this choice? I know you don't go for the sciency bollox like me so I'm guessing it's a tried and tested methodology you've used in the past, but what are your reasonings as ordinarily people would choose something like winstrol or Turinabol as a starter to a cutting cycle & then switch to Test Prop/NPP about 6 weeks out.?.

What kind of ancillaries you backing this up with GH/Slin/T4 and a rotation or two of IGF1??.

Anyway, all the best with the shows, hope to see you at a couple ('specially the British!) and as I said, interesting start to the diet...

Comment #2

Lol. sweet spud tho, carnt be doing we that..

Pscarb I blote like a fish on test e but me mate looks like hes on winny when hs on it so I can see that it must depend on the person..

Cheers for the info sofar lads..

Ps iv sort of decided what in goin to do..

What barrel do I need tho to get turkey, sweet potato, veg, udos oil in it...

Comment #3

Lol... a BIG FUKKA!!.

I was taking 50mg dbol the day of my shows...

..and judging by the photo on the left there.. I wasnt in BAD condition???.

And I suffer bloat badly!!..

Comment #4

1g Test E.

400mg Deca.

50mg D/bol.

The diet start properly on the 5th of Feb so in all a 15 week diet although I am cleaning things up now my course will be for 18 weeks though this is so it is all in the body working for when the proper diet starts.....

Neil the D/bol is only in their for 3 weeks as a kickstart to the course whilst the Deca and Enthanate are starting to work, at the 6 week out mark I will swap over to the hardeners like Prop/Tren/Winny/Masteron etc etc but at the moment I don't know which ones and what dose yet.....

I have been on GH now for 34 weeks and will stay on until after the British at a dose of 6iu's ed whilst dieting, the day I start my diet I also start my IGF-1LR3 I will do 5 weeks on followed by 5 weeks off then 5 weeks on, no insulin when dieting and the T4 will be 100mcg's ed for the duration of the GH.

Look forward to it mate.....

Comment #5

Excellent news mate, after all gains are the name of the game!!.

All the best..

Comment #6

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