Has anyone out there actually used any weight loss supplements from VitaminShoppe that have worked?

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My first question is: Has anyone out there actually used any weight loss supplements from VitaminShoppe that have worked?.

My next question is: Hi guys, I'm 37. 5'11 and weigh 12 stone, experienced bodybuilder been training now non stop for 12 months. Body fat just around 12% and hoping to reduce this to around 10%.

My diet consists of the following 7.30pm bowl of oats with nuts and raisens mixed in and 1 scoop of whey - 10.30 Myplex carb sense meal replacement drink - 100pm lunch chicken breast with basmati rice - 4pm MRP 100% whey protein based meal replacement again minimum carbs - 5pm post workout whey with fast carbs. After workout build and recover drink with extra glutamine, then ill have my tea steak or chicken with carbs - 8pm whey protein on it's own, bed time casein drink..

I train 4 times per week Mon (chest, bis) Tue (legs) Thu (Back, tris) Fri ( Shoulders, bis).

I have two courses of roids this year the first been deca and dinobol, the second course was Sus, Deca and Prmios, of course I take nolvadex with all my courses..

Its now been two whole months and I'm now putting together my next stack any ideas please, I dont want bloat and looking for quality, dont want water retention well not much any way..

Any idea as to what to buy. Your help is really appreciated..

Alex M..

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Your question was: Has anyone out there actually used any weight loss supplements from VitaminShoppe that have worked?.

Thanks Nick, I use pwders as I really struggle with food, to be honnest mate I'm happy with a packet of biscuites and chocolate and can of coke. I really struggle to get the quality of food down me of as you can see ive really cleaned up my diet. Some days I eat better..

Regards last 2 stacks I dont feel that I gained a great amount of quality, I would like to reach 12' 1/2 stone quality muscle low body fat. 6 month ago I was 12 stone and reached 12 1/2 and now I'm back down to 12 (a happy 12 may I add) just like to add better quality and bit more size..

Ali M..

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Agree with nick it's not more gear you need it's more solid food, maybe a few eggs in the morning and replace your shakes with solid food, I reckon you would be surprised at the difference..

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Got to agree mate.. if your cycles worked then no need to change them... if you want different results then technically you need to put different nutrients into your body!..

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I disagree. Eating solid food allows a slower digestion process but when the nutrients hit the bloodstream it doesn't matter how they got there, your muscles cant tell if an argnine was derived from chicken, steak or egg..

Controlling your nutrition is easy when using supplements, it also means missing meals is less likely than when you are supposed to be cooking them all and are short of time or just can't face food..

Why not try equipose, Bioizer Duothate (tren enanth, test enanth blend) and some stromba tabs, GL 50mg are the bizness. This will not cause bloating or water retention but allow strength and size gains while maintaining good condition...

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I think theres actually 2 points of view to this thread:.

1 - are supplements or whole foods better?.

2 - what gear will make someone look a certain way?.

1.... in my opinion I would say whole foods are better. as long as they are fresh and incorporated within a balanced meal... i.e. is a plain chicken breats better than a meal replacement? probably not... because a plain chicken breast on it's own will not have all the nutrients a body needs!...

BUT in an environment when eating whole foods is not possible.. then supplements are specifically manufactured to provide this alternative! and do it well. everyone is different.. in my experience I repsond to whole foods better... although I have a friend who resoponds to supplements better! we both get good results bulking and cutting!.

2..... different types of gear can give you different looks to your body... in basic terms you have bulking gear and hardeners.. bulking gear on the whole tends to give a watery bloated look... whereas hardeners tend to give a leaner harder look to the muscle... BUT if your diet is not constructed right for each specific purpose..

Then you wont get the desired look your after!..

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Running 2 cycles after only 12 months training is slightly excessive and if you didn't gain on them I can't really see you gaining on the next one unless you change your diet or training...

Comment #6

Got to agree with what has been said above... if your taking gear and your bodyweight is going up and then back down to where you started afterwards then there is a problem... and depending on the cycle a half stone gain is not much at all... what was this cycle mate??.

There could be a number of reasons:.

Fake gear.

Bad diet.

Incorrect training (over training).

Incorrect PCT.

Really what you should be looking to do first is actually workout what went wrong to make you lose what gains you had made!.

Once youve doen this (am sure we can all help) your then in a position to plan your next cycle and nutrition and training to put right what went wrong!..

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Thanks for the replies guys, just got back from holiday so a bit late to reply. Firstly I used to train 8 years ago and to give you an idea of my gains I was squatting 160kg plus bar for 8 rps. I stopped when I started a business and me and the misses had a child. Its now 8 years on and I'm back into it ive now done a year and no beginner when it come to drugs. Dont know why I did not gain as much b4 as I think my diet was spot on and the training good, lets just say that the two stacks b4 did not work to great thats why I was asking for further input as to what to try..

I like what MMUK has said and think ill go with his sugestion any idea of dossages? and when to take?.

Thanks guys.

Ali M..

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200mg Equipoise every 4th day (1ml), 250mg Duo-Thate every 4th day (1ml), half a GL Stromba twice daily for first 2 weeks then same again when you've had your last shot..

This is to get a fast acting product in untill the injectibles get fully into your system then at the end it's to keep a faster acting in at the end until the oils clear your system. When the strombas run out at the end the oils will no longer be active and you will be cleaning out..

I think you should use some clomid too when you have 1 week left of your winstrol at the end, 1 a day for a month or so as PCT...

Comment #9

Thanks MMUK, really appreciate your help.

Lee B, just one thing "incorrect PCT" can you explain this one as ive heard various people on hear taking it throughout a course or at the end. Can you explain how the PCT can effect things..

My last 2 courses I ran the pct from the second week. (Nolvadex).

Thanks Guy's (all your help and input is muchly appreciated).

Ali M..

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Okay... from your post above mate it seems your confused as to what pct actually is..

PCT is what you do at the END of your course (when you start it depends on what type of gear your using)... and it's purpose is to restore your bodys natural testosterone production... the reason why many people lose all their gains is because they dont run PCT so there body physiologically is not in a strong enough state to hold onto the gains!.

The drugs which can be used for PCT are nolvadex, clomid, HCG.

These drugs can also be used during cycle.. nolvadex and clomid are used during the cycle as an anti estrogen (to stop bitch tits) and HCG is used to stop your bodys natural testosterone being completely switched off. however running them during cycle is NOT PCT!!.

Hope this helps clear that up mate?..

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If you looking for best quality gains and gain lot of strenght.

You should use.

W1-10 test prop 50-100mg ed.

W1-6 tren ace 75mg e3d.

W7-10 winny 50mg ed.

To have better quality gains you can add 25mg proviron and 20mg nolva ed.

For pct take nolva and hcg start hcg 3 days after last injection becuse all gear you will youse will have short half life ( max 2 days ).

If you dont like injections ( or like I you hate them ).

You can try.

W1-10 T enth 250-500ng e 5 days ( if you will take nolva with proviron you must higher dosage of test ).

W1-6- trem enth ot tri tren from bd.

W9-12 winny in tabs about 30 mg ed.

And also test prop for kick start w1-2 and at the and of cycle w11-12.

This both cycle will give you wery wery good quality of gains ( like you know tren help recuce fat ) and you will gain much of strenght ( tren e it's about 7 x stronger that test E ).

Also you must unblock your production of your own testosterne by taking 4 shots of hcg in the moddle of the cycle for example 4X1250jm E3D ( it will be one stack of hcg 5000jm. ( the same for pct ).

Now my friends take this cyces and bro thy grow like carazy and all are wery pleasd from mass and strenght gains ... all of them use before omnas, dbol, TE decas, winny.....

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Thanks for that funbos, really appreciated looks like a good stack, never used any of it so ill keep everyone posted as to the outcome..

Thank you.

Ali M..

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Be careful with jumping into using stuff like tren (especially tren enth) Ali M, it's powerful stuff with some hardcore side effects.....

Comment #14


Be aware PCT start times will differ on both those suggested cycles. so once youve made a decision on what you want to do check bakc here for best advice on how to run your PCT mate..

Also, I'm not knocking funbos's advice.. but just be careful of taking stacks which someone suggests for you "because their mates got big with them"... everyone reacts differently and this also suggests to people that it's the steroids doing the work.. it's your diet and hard graft that make the difference.. teh steroids just help out!.

Id much rather see people asking questions about each drug and applying the knowledge they gain to themselves rather than simply just doing what someone tells them.. this way you learn how your body responds and you learn to push your body by tweaking little things.... rather than getting to the end of a course someone just told you to do and then thinking.. well okay.. but what next??? if you learn as you go then the next move is always in the bakc of your mind!!..

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Yep tren it's wery powerful gear... and this cycles are use by guys who have a several other cycles before that why they take tren...

And you have only 2 cycles before so maybee better option will be use masterone ( mastabol ) instead tren ace 150mg E3D.

And like LeeB write it's only my sugestion ... and everyone reacts diferently .....

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Thanks guys, your words of wisdom are noted and tonight I'm going to do some research. Cheers nick I never actually thought of checking out the side affects as I'm not competing or doing this as a living lol, I dont want any side effects. this to me is just a hobby and it's important that I dont mess my body up...

Cheers guys.

Ill post my decission tomorrow..

Ali M..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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