Has anyone tried the grapefruit pill diet, by VitaminShoppe??? What were your results?

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My first question is: Has anyone tried the grapefruit pill diet, by VitaminShoppe??? What were your results?.

My next question is: Im reading posts on a really lot of boards and from a long time ... and I cant understand guys who make shitty maybee not shitty but stupid cycles like.

Deca with dbol for 6 weeks or other funny stacks ....

I know why becuse they dont want to make long cycles and dont they dont know and gear that can be used for short cycle ....

I was thinking and maybee a good idea will be so sticky a few sample cycles I somr topic :.

_ short cycle ( 6 weeks ).

_ medium cycles ( 12 weeks ).

_ quite long cycles ( 16-18 weeks ).

And pct for them ....

Its just my opinion but what you are thinking bout it .....

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Your question was: Has anyone tried the grapefruit pill diet, by VitaminShoppe??? What were your results?.

I dont like the idea of having a number of "suggested" cycles to pick from... as not everyone responds the same ways... and what works for one person may not work for another....

So you will get people using these cycles who get good results... but you will also get people who dont use the cycles getting bad results and saying we dont know sh*t.....

By encouraging people to actively serach the forum for info and ask specific question then their courses are tailored more to themselves and they are actually learning in the process....

If we all just stuck to what what was written down for us we would never learn to push our bodies!..

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I agree with you Lee to a certain point i.e.surely until they try the course and the different types of gear then they will not know how they will respond to the drugs I understand your point your making but a few courses listed for beginers I think would be helpful I think..

Most of us here have tried different types of gear and found ones which have and havent worked but it was always going to be a trial and error method until you find things that work well, but we keep on trying new ones even today to find out if it's any good..

To post beginners courses I think would be a good idea so they can start somewhere and find out for themselves and as they learn they can chage the courses accordingly..


Comment #2

Not sure if you're quite on witht the maths of it mate..

If , by deca, we're refering to Nandrolone Decanoate, which is what is typically meant by deca. Then in a person of normal metabolic function it becomes active it the system around day 6..

This would, therefore, mean it is still active a further 6 days after cessation..

However, if we go with the 4 week period of activity, that would mean it is still active 4 weeks after cessation..

So either way you would get the full benefits..

I think the real factor in qualifying the real gains attained are purely down to wether the deca you have is right. i.e if it's supposed to be 100mg/ml then it is 100mg/ml & not 25mg/ml for example..

Hell, if it was good enough for Arnold.......

Comment #3

I don't know where the idea that deca doesn't work until 4 weeks after beginning taking it?????.

Personal experience blows that theory to bits, bear with me on his guys, I have dermatiatis which is caused by food allergies. When I started training it was because my skin was so bad it was embarrrassing to go to my ju jitsu class incase I bled on someone when sparring so I'd go into the weights room, I gained pretty quickly and I was told I should consider anabolics because I seemed to have genetics which allowed growth..

I did my research and discovered the secondary receptor deca locks into is the sebacious gland which controls how oily your skin is. This was my primary reason for picking deca on it's own, muscular gains and no more dry, broken skin. I went from having hands, feet, elbows and knees like a Cornish pasty to clear skin in 1 month. If my skin flares up now all I do is take 400mg deca and i'm clear 2 weeks later..

SO, summing up, if deca can exhibit such a difference on the SECONDARY receptor and it's actual effects in 2 weeks someone tell me why it's not building muscle in this period?.

I also agree with Funbos, I see some dumbassed courses being discussed on every forum but that is down to people who THINK they know their stuff preaching to those who are prepered to listen. An example is a certain diet guru on a forum which could be mistaken for Musclechat, (as chatting is another way of saying talking) this guy is so far out of shape he can only be about 6lbs lighter than the Tyne bridge! Not only does he give dietary advice he writes show reports with scathing criticism on the competitors. Not only has he never competed, he's never even dieted to any degree that distunguishes him from a space hopper with a head!.

My point is anyone can come across sounding like they know what they are on about on a forum, but quoting people on other forums and cutting and pasting to back up your statements means F*ck all IMO, either know your stuff scientifically when it comes to organic chemistry - which is all drug use is, or have in the field experience because nothing beats having been there and got the tattoo, f*ck the tee shirt, half the wannabe tossers buy that on the way home. There are a lot of guys who will never cut it as a bodybuilder so they spout their wisdom online, they would do better unplugging the pc, plug in their exercise bike and get pedalling, then actually spend serious time in the gym, never mind rushing home for a webcam seminar..

I also disagree a little with Funbos too, for a newbie deca and dbol is affordable, safe and not making them think they are turning into Pete Doherty! As their knowledge grows hopefully so will the effectiveness of their courses..

Comment #4

Hi sorry, I should have clarified in that the undecanoate ester becomes FULLY active at 4 weeks, i.e. it's a long ester, thats all I meant by the above..

Comment #5

Extreme is a very knowledgeable bloke and we are very lucky to have him on this forum...

Dougie.. can you clear up for us then....

1 - after how many days will decca begin working in your system?.

2 - after how many days would decca stop working in your system? (say if you had only taken 1 injection.. how long before it stops acting).

3 - what is your own opinion on how long is an effective cycle length for decca - both minimum and maximum lengths?.

4 - what would you consider to be a lowest effective weekly dose of decca?.

Hopefully this advice could clear up some common misconceptions we may have!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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