Has anyone tried the toxin removal called QCarbo32 from VitaminShoppe?...i have a drug test coming.?

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My first question is: Has anyone tried the toxin removal called QCarbo32 from VitaminShoppe?...i have a drug test coming.?.

My next question is: What would people say the best drug they know of to improve fitness??..

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Your question was: Has anyone tried the toxin removal called QCarbo32 from VitaminShoppe?...i have a drug test coming.?.

Again same answer really...performance can be improved by diet and some fat burners so post up your diet and we will see what we can do..

Comment #1

4 a pro athlete my diet is shocking so if you cud put up your ideas ther that would help to.i work shifts 4 the company that sponsor me so I tend to snack or not eat atall?? I stop the drink n choc etc but tend to gab bag of crisps or micro meal etc..

Comment #2

Your a pro boxer and the nutrition side of things are that bad??..

Comment #3

I know it's bad but I got away with it in the ams but I'm getting found out in the pros.i can give you my managers address to prove I am a pro boxer.i dnt have the luck of having the time an money say ricky or amir have an do have to fund alot myself and I find not enough hrs in the day so take the easy option in what I eat etc..

Comment #4

Its all down to preperation m8 .do all your meals and drinks the night before ,.

If you eat on the run you will never maintain a good diet, a lot of bodybuilders have busy scheduals but make meal preperation a prority..

Comment #5

Think thats wot I'm gunna have to do guess dedication is over all aspects of being a pro not just you have any advice to wot would be a gud diet to follow 4my sport??..

Comment #6

Mate dont pretend to be a pro boxer. Its obvious your not, for starters only kids write in text form..

Secondly any athlete would know that steroids are illegal in sport..

If you are really a boxer, id say youve had too many digs to the head and should consider early retirement...

Comment #7

No need for proof mate....

Ok then well you have not given me much to work with but here goes....

Meal 1:.

Oats or 3 weetabix.


2 scoops extreme protein (fast and slow proteins).

Meal 2:.

Extreme MRP drink + handful of nuts (cashew/almonds).

Meal 3:.

2 chicken breast's.

Basmati rice.

Salad with olive oil.

You can prep this the night before and keep it in Tupperware....

Meal 4:.

Same as meal 2.

Meal 5:.

PWO - 2 scoops extreme Build and recover + 1 scoop extreme whey.

Meal 6:.

2 chicken breasts or steak.

Lots of veg/salad with olive oil.

Meal 7:.

Either 2 scoops extreme protein + 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter.


1 tin tuna + 1 tub cottage cheese.

With the added fats to this meal it will help to slow down the release of amino acids this will help you get the rest you need....

Make sure you drink 3-5 L of water every day.....

Hope this helps mate.....

Comment #8

This site is full of kids!! only kids re with rubbish like that,only kids think athletes dnt take drugs an send me your e mail address and il send you a pic of me boxing you idiot!!!..

Comment #9

Thanks for that mate big help.thanks for your time..

Comment #10

Craig totally out of order mate you don't know tyson so why slate him like this.....please don't be as aggressive like this again for no reason.....

Comment #11

You are so niave to think that pro athletes don't use illegal drugs,I don't know if this guy is pro or not I won't lose sleep over it,but if your gonna critisise make your critisms valid ffs.I don't know how strict the drug testing is in pro boxing but I know Rugby league players who take gear who play for the top team in the Super League,and everyone knows that all top athletes are on some kind of "illegal" drug or drugs...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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