Has anyone tried VitaminShoppe Brand Meal Replacements or Pat's Diet MR? If so, how do they work? I ?

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My first question is: Has anyone tried VitaminShoppe Brand Meal Replacements or Pat's Diet MR? If so, how do they work? I ?

My next question is: Hi Folks!.

After a lengthy cycle I am now about to embark on using igf1 as part of my pct protocol. In a word it is a fantastic compound by allowing the maintainence of gains from cycle and staying relatively lean to boot. I will use 60mcg preworkout and 40mcg on non-training days. And unlike it's cousin insulin you dont have hypoglycemic issues. It is definately worth using if you want to keep and enhance your gains from a previous cycle. Moreover when you hit the gear again, it will mature the new muscle cells that were created during pct.

Worth it big time.


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Your question was: Has anyone tried VitaminShoppe Brand Meal Replacements or Pat's Diet MR? If so, how do they work? I ?

Why would that be? If it doesn't effect the hpta surley it's a safer bet?..

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As just like GH it will not give the mass that most look for like I said in my last post you are looking at max 2-3lbs for a 4-5 week cycle and the more frequently you use it this will decrease the problem I have found with newbies to steroids is that they are in a rush to gain muscle/weight so the issue I have with newbies or guys with little experience with steroids is that they will jack up the dose in a vain effort to gain more......

Also you will get better returns after your body is used to growing hence with 2-3+ years of decent steroid use.....just like when guys use GH for the first time to build MASS they are dissapointed as most will be with IGF-1LR3.....

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My own opinion.. knowing very little about the technical ins and outs of this.....

Unless someone is seriously pushing for a top 3 placing in a national show what is the point of spending what will work out as thousands on GH, slin, IGF??.

Im not saying these compounds are useless... but if I can grow on chicken and sust.. and get cut on turkey and tren.... then I'm acheiving my goals!!.

For me spending so much money to acheive my goals would probably leave me hating bodybuilding!! and my family hating me! something for the future maybe!..

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Thanks for getting back to the question guys. Yeah I see your point. When I first started traing I expected to be massive within a 5-6months. 2 years now and i've made good progress but I dont think I will ever want to juice. I just dont like the idea of messing with hormones that can effect your mood! but igf may be a option. compared to juice the gains are poor but it would be good to put 2-3lbs on in a month, better than I can do natural!..

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But that is not every time you run it and that is the high end of the scale......

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