Have Candida and BreastFeeding

Question posted in a health forum, thought others might find it useful..

Question: I have tinea versicolor, which I believe is one physical sign of candida on my breasts and chest. It is the slightly scaly red to pink patches. I am planning to breast feed (am 8 months now!) but am concerned that the baby could get thrush from the yeast on my body.

My doctor says it is not contagious but I tend to disagree (I think I got this from a friend - yes, and of course my sugary diet didn’t help fend it off!) With such close contact so often I can’t help but think it is going to spread to the baby. Any one have any thoughts or ideas.

My doctor also says there is a one time pill to take and it will clear it up after my pregnancy but I don’t believe in those quick fix Rx, especially while breast feeding! Although I am open to learning more about it if anyone has tried it, not sure name of drug though?

Answer: I am breastfeeding my 10 (almost 11)month old baby successfully and I too am fighting this candida now. I have had the same “rash” on my leg and arms since I found out I was pregnant with him and it has not gone away but I can assure you my son has not gotten thrush at all.

It is probably more likely that your baby would get thrush from the actual milk…if you had a yeast infection then from the rash. I don’t think it is contagious, my son often uses my legs to pull up into a standing position and has grabbed the rash several times and never had a problem, he also bit my arms where the rash is and although I was horrified as well; there was no problem.

I am currently using the tea tree oil recommended by another board member and also I use nipple shields to nurse. This is not because of the yeast but because my son would not nurse without them at first and now refuses to give them up.

You have to be VERY diligent about cleaning them (and binkys, bottles, etc) because they can get thrush that way. I wash mine in vinegar and boil them and have changed them every 4-6 weeks since he was born.

I think you will be fine breastfeeding, I would just make sure to be very clean…change nursing pads often, wipe your breasts before & after nursing (lansinoh wipes are great) and make sure whatever you do use such as I mentioned before is sterilized often. I had thrush with my first 2 and also mastitis and it is not fun.

I also did not use baby wipes on their bums, soft paper towels with a vinegar solution during the thrush outbreak staved off the yeast diaper rash. Good luck in nursing, I’m sure it will be fine.

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