Help - I Just Cheated On the Candida Diet!

junk foodI have been on the candida diet for 20 days now. I have cheated only once- i had vodka- that was a week ago on Friday. I have not cheated before that or since. Here is my problem

I have been very bloated the past two days - then this morning I noticed I have a yeast infection. I am very crampy as if I have my period. I just don’t feel so well. My skin is clearer though- That is not possibly any sort of die off is it- I am assuming that it is out of control again. I am so upset and discouraged.

Do you think that I could be back where I started from one cheat a week ago?

- Asked by someone in CureZone

Answer: This really depends on so many factors. How bad your overgrowth is being a major factor. What candida diet are you on? How strict is it? Are you taking any anti-fungals?

It’s highly possible your symptoms are from die-off. It’s also possible it’s from the vodka, you don’t say how much vodka you had. I know it’s difficult when we cheat, we get down on our selves. The thing to remember is nothing is unfixable.

Everyday is a new chance to get things right, to start again. I’ve found from experience giving yourself a hard time is one of the key factors in overgrowth coming back. It’s important to recognize every cell in your body hears and reacts to every thought you have.

Work just as hard on thinking positive, life affirming thoughts as you do on your diet and treatment. Your immune system will only kick back in and work for you if it thinks you love yourself. I know it might sound wacky, but positive thinking is an incredibly powerful tool in the fight against foreign agents messing with your shit.

And I decided not to care. I’m doing my best, it might take longer, but eventually I will be fine and that’s all it matters!! Don’t give yourself such hard time - take probiotics instead. Do you take any now? Also eat 1 cup of plain(!) organic(!!) yoghurt every day, don’t worry about the sugar content, it’s all milk sugar and even it’s not that great, yoghurt is filled with good stuff your body needs these days. I’ve read it’s most beneficial if you leave it room temperature for 6-8 hours.

Don’t be down, you are doing great, a lot of will power going on there if you have cheated only once all this time - be proud of yourself!!!! You will see, the yeast infection will be gone in less than a week, just eat the yoghurt, take probiotics and keep up the great job about the diet

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