Help! The Candida Diet Isn't Working!

Question asked by a candida sufferer:

I’ve tried nearly every protocol out there. I have been to specialist after specialist, countless naturopaths and homeopaths, tried reiki, colonics, Liver Flushes , low carbing, countless supplements, candida diets - you name it, chances are I’ve tried it.

I’ve been on and off this damn diet for so many years now, that I feel like I’m beginning to lose it a bit. At one point, while under the care of an MD/Naturopath, I did the diet religiously for liked 9 months along with numerous supps, anti-fungals, etc. and it didn’t help at all.

Also, I keep hearing that after you’ve been on the diet a while, you feel so much better. This has never been the case with me; in fact it’s just the opposite. I don’t feel good at all. I think there must be some connection to limiting your body of a variety of foods that can actually do more harm than good, as I read on this forum not too long ago. Does anyone else thing this could actually be a possibility?

Answer: I don’t care what diet you go on but if you can’t digest the food you eat, you will be feeding your candida.

Fixing stomach acid production (via supplementation if needed) is CRITICAL; that will allow you to digest the food you eat (meaning less food for the pathogens), and provide the proper pH for your gut.

Also stomach acid is what destroys the pathogens in your food.
Stomach acid is mandatory to digest protein - if protein is not digested it will eventually result in food allergies and further harm the gut.

When stomach acid production is proper, the pancreas and liver will be triggered properly to release bile and pancreatic juices; these help with digestion and also destroy pathogens. Low stomach acid means low output of these juices, and eventual blockages.

The proper pH in the gut should start from 0-2 in the stomach, around 4 out of the stomach, up to 6.8 in the duodenum and down to 5.5 in most parts of the intestines if properly populated with good flora (Acidophilus included).

The production of stomach acid is complex in that it requires a lot of energy and proper balance of nutrients. Things like sodium chloride, zinc, iodine, B vitamins all play a role - shut down of stomach acid is can happen if these are not available.

Also shutdown of stomach acid will happen if over consuming protein (meaning youfre straining acid output).

Once with hypochlorhydria, pathogens are free to go willy nilly, like h pylori, candida, parasites, bacterial infections. Only when you fix the pH in the stomach (and digestive enzyme output), is when you will be able to properly digest your food and eliminate the dysbiosis.

Candida diet focus on removing the food that feeds candida - however most people will likely fall victims of candida again because candida is a naturally occurring species in the gut. It will grow out of control if you allow it (meaning if the pH in the gut is high and there’s undigested food in the gut).

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