Hey guys..i bought this product (VitaminShoppe Pro Performance Weight Gainer 2200 Gold, Chocolate ) ?

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My first question is: Hey guys..i bought this product (VitaminShoppe Pro Performance Weight Gainer 2200 Gold, Chocolate ) ?

My next question is: I am looking to start my next cycle in early june. I am still in the preliminary stages as far as deciding what compounds to use.

My first cycle consisted of 300mg test E/week along with 200mg deca/week. I ran the cycle for 12 weeks, and followed it with clomid and nolva for PCT. My weight went from a frail 149 lbs. to a bulked 193lbs.

My goals for my second cycle are to gain a very noticible amt. of strength as well as considerable size. However, I dont just want bloated mass like my previous cycle. I am aiming for 20 lbs. of lean gains, which I think is possible. I would like to increase vascularity as well as overall muscle size and developement..

I have posted my goals on other forums, and surprisingly everyone is suggesting stacking test E and Eq. These are both compounds used when bulking correct? I have taken their advice, and modified it a little. I have never created a cycle before so please give me honest feedback as this is my second cycle. If the dosages are too high or if you feel I am attempting to stack too many compounds feel free to tell me...

Test E - weeks 1-12 - 500mg-750mg/week.

Eq - weeks 1-12 - 600mg/week.

Dbol - weeks 2-4 - 30-50mg/week.

Test Prop - weeks 11-12 - 150mg/EOD.

Anavar - 60mg/day weeks 9-11.

HCG - 250 iu 2x per week weeks 2-12.

14 and beyond PCT.

Do you feel a cycle such as this will provide the results I'm aiming for?.

Thanks guys!.

- Jarman..

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Your question was: Hey guys..i bought this product (VitaminShoppe Pro Performance Weight Gainer 2200 Gold, Chocolate ) ?

750 mg test is what I took last year for my pro debut!!! I think you guys go runnig to fast before,walking properly,remenber that easy comes easy goes,maybe if 20 years or 10 years back I had all the information I have today , I had taken a lot more, I am with 120 kg off seasson clean since september,compiting with 115 kg, I just want to give my opinion that every one should explode his natural potential at least for 3 or 4 years before starting with juice and then start step by step,believe me or not I won my first national title taking 250mg total amount of products on mi highest week for that contest prep. hard work,diet and years are the clue..

Now as a pro I will take more risks off course,i want to be competitive,but even know I wont do the crazy things I see,bodybuilding for me is something else..

Just my opinion.please feel free to share your opinions with me if you want...

Comment #1

Marcos, it's great to see your opinions as a pro, telling us that the training and diet is most important. it is true! many people do not understand this..

I must say though, that I feel that you may be blessed with a different physique than many of us regular people. I have friends who respond really well to low doses of steroids such as you. but also have friends who DONT respond to those low doses and need more to see the same level of results..

Personally, I think everyone needs to learn what amounts work for themselves to grow and stick to these amounts. more is not always better. if soemthing is working. it is working. no need to add more...

Comment #2

Agree with Lee it is great that you are blessed with the genetics you have and this allows you to create a Pro physique with so little Anabolics....

But we are all not as blessed and although Diet and training should always come first the need for Steroids at a certain amount is normally a necessity to be able to compete and be competitive.....

Have you any pics of you competing as a Pro??..

Comment #3

As you want to increase strength are you going to change how you`re training?..

Comment #4

I vary my workout routine weekly in order to target the muscle groups differently and force different areas into growth...

Comment #5

Do you think that the way to go for strength gains?..

Comment #6

****ing impressive pics there buddy and it's good to hear the advocation of low dosages...

Comment #7

You look like you were suffering a mild hernia their Marcos mate?.

I take it, it didn't hinder your contest prep too much?..

Comment #8

Yes antje worse thing is that I allready had an operation,so I will hace to fix it back again,but not this year,i am starting my way to 130 kg ......

Comment #9

You can tell he has a hernia from his pics?..

Comment #10

If you click on the middle picture, it opens up to a full page and you can see a small bulge, dead centre of his abdominal wall..

It takes a tremendous level of discipline AND knowledge to be able to continue to train, never mind go through contest prep, in that kind of environment, as the slightest bit of strain can cause the tear to enlarge and make things considerably worse..

I take my hat off to the guy for enduring such a trying situation and still being a contender!!..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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