How good is VitaminShoppe brand T.R. Complete protein powder?

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My first question is: How good is VitaminShoppe brand T.R. Complete protein powder?.

My next question is: This is a long read and may be dull for many. but I have nobody else to tell. so I will tell anyone who wants to listen. my approach is based on caution, though at the time I did not fully understand the need for pct.

Okay so I tried alow dose dbol only cycle (2 years on now). much as I understand the need and objectives of combining drugs, I felt that I wanted to try each one individually in quite moderate doses first to get a feel for how they work, what they feel like. i've got or had epilepsy at one time and so I like to ease into things carefully as many roids adjust salt/electrolyte balance and cause fluid shifts.

My first cycle, dbol only went like so:.

Wk1 1 ed.

Wk2 2 ed.

Wk3 4 ed.

Wk 4 6 ed.

Wk 5 5 ed.

Wk 6 4 ed.

Wk 7 3 ed.

Wk8 2 ed.

Wk 9 1 ed.

So it was a little long, no biggie..

My 'gains' were likely mainly fluid. I made no strength gains that were workable with any lifts other than my bench. I cannot use a bar so use dumbells. this was usually (2x)35kg x 10 reps, I pushed this up to (2x)45 x 2 for 5 sets of 5. as a fairly slender bloke, that was pretty happy days.

My forte (the deadlift) was not possible, nor were rows nor any sort of back work, the pump was just too debilitating. as a natural, 160kilos for 12 was my maximum. this without straps, belt and straight from the floor. on gear I simply cramped as soon as I lifted. so I did not bother. I focussed on upper body instead, doing bench, shoulders and dips.

My starting weight was 12 stone and during the cycle my weight peaked at just under 14, the heaviest i've been. as the dose fell, the water filtered away with a lot of that pasta-induced swell.

I did no pct. instead, afraid to use HCG or anything else, I settled for Tribulus. I feel the Trib assisted my test getting back on the level and I noticed only slight bollock diminishing. in fact my balls are like marbles anyway, so maybe they couldnt get any smaller. too much data. anyway.

Around week 8 or 9, prior to the cessation of my 'cycle' I noticed my weight gains level off and then drop away again a touch. a tad moonface appeared just after I came off and a little itchy nip but thankfully no gyno manifest... I remember peeing a lot, thinking hmm. there it all goes. I trained in earnest and ate very carefully, quite low on carbs during the first two months..

2 months on, my strength gains in the bench had gone down to (2x)40kg (5set x 5 reps). I had lost 10lbs but was stable on 13stone. this probably sounds like the weight of some members dogs. but for me it's a really big deal. I started all this naturally as a very slender 10 stone (6ft). so for me this was all a great experience.

One year on I got into my training quite seriously and tried hard to approach it with discipline and care. I wanted to try to get some sort of balance as my deadlifts were coming along well but my bench work was comparitively feeble. ive just never been great with pressing movements and perhaps thats just physics. I managed to get my dips up to 50kg (5x5) and finally, on my best ever day, I managed 60kg, failinf on the 9th rep. this was truly one of the best days of my existence..

When training normally, to this day, I have little bother with forties if it's bench and usually manage 50kg for the dip. my pb, I feel is beyond me as I simply don't have the time to care for now..

I believe dbol assisted the CNS in some ways and I seem able to push my strength further than before, I think all good gear rewires the user.

I think 'low voltage' cycles of this drug may be useful to some folks in a fairly subtle way. my gains seem spectacular as I ate methodically, trained carefully, slept lots and worked little. I feel that this approach may simply be too much bother for most, also it provides much smaller gains. but I did gain and keep a substantial amount of something, not fat. i've never been so happy with my physique as now I feel I have physique that matches my lifts a little better...

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Your question was: How good is VitaminShoppe brand T.R. Complete protein powder?.

Well you are going to supress your natty test at the very least and maybe even shut it down as it does not take much to do so alot less than most think.....

Now I am sure loads will come back saying the dose and the duration is to low to effect natty levels I say "How do you know!!!" unless you get bloods done before and after each cycle you will not know so in my opinion you will always need some type of PCT......

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Thats an interesting read. you made some good gains and I have read about these low dosage long dbol cycles before. many ppl have had good results with them. I agree about the pct though. pct should always be in order. Also if youd of had nolva on hand it would of stopped any potential gyno. sounds like you had a lucky escape...

Comment #2

Thanks one and all...

I will certainly run a correct pct for my next trick. I feel luck to be titless, truly. in future I will take the right steps at the right time.

I've found the things that I need and so I wont have the excuse of not having the necessary in future. in future I will be looking to do similar approach with each of the main drugs that interest me (deca,var,primo,winny and fina) to get a handle on things gently, I will also record my results and post them here...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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