How Long to Cure Candida?

Question: I’ve been on the candida diet since May. A few times I was naughty and ate some sugar containing stuff. I still do it sometimes. It is terrible but sometimes I just can’t handle my cravings.

How long does it take anyway to get rid of candida? I’m just so fed up with it and with all these cravings! Many people reported that their cravings reduced with the bowel and parasites cleanse but I haven’t managed to do that.

How can I do a successful parasites cleanse and bowel cleanse and handle all these cravings at the same time? It just seems so stubborn and is getting on my nerves. I really want to get over all this problem and just follow my healthy diet. Also, I really have to concentrate on my studies and I can’t if I still have this candida problem, it’s just ruling my life!

Answer: It takes as long as it takes! Every case is different and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. I was able to overcome problems with candida, but it took several years and approaching it from many angles.

Candida thrives as a result of a compromised immune system, dysfunctions in the digestive system, hormonal imbalances in the endocrine system and an overload of toxins.

All the anti-fungals in the world will not take care of the problem if you do not address it on all levels.

It requires modifications in diet, lifestyle, stress management, eliminating toxins and rebuilding your immune system.

Diet is a vital part of the program and there is no magic formula for dealing with the cravings. Just like breaking any addiction or bad habit you have to just do it! I KNOW it is not easy…

I was on a strict protein and low-carb diet for three years and I had a vicious sweet tooth! I did occasionally cheat…and I also paid for it! I had minimal success with Nystatin, Nizoral and Diflucan…but had a major improvement with an herbal colon cleansing program (Holistic Horizons).

I also had good results with an herbal combination called Biocidin. But it also required drastic changes in my diet, exercise, stress reduction, supplements, enzymes, probiotics, avoiding toxic exposures, changing personal care and cleaning products, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and a lot of introspection and addressing unresolved emotional issues.

I felt worse before I felt better…but I DID get better…and you can, too!

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