Toxin Cleanse - How To

toxinsToxins are everywhere, and many people commonly think they can get them simply by consuming the wrong foods. While it is true eating too many processed, refined goods as well as foods that weren’t meant to be digested by humans can lead to a buildup of toxins, there are many other factors such as our environment.

If you live in a huge city, you are subjected to plenty of toxins simply by breathing! If you live in a house, and don’t clean the dust regularly, you are also taking in toxins. All of these contribute to a sickening body, and lead to the need for cleansing/detoxing. Though they can’t cause intestinal candida, they can worsen it. Avoiding toxins is necessary while, and after getting rid of candida.

Here are some tips that I found from Shelley that you should follow to avoid toxins.

- Don’t buy new furniture, and don’t refinish old furniture. New furniture can be treated with any number of chemicals to protect the wood from fungus or infestation. One such chemical is the same one they use to preserve frogs for science project day. Yeah. If it’s made locally chances are it’s okay, but if it was made in China forget it. Furniture stains, polishes and paint are all highly toxic, especially when fresh, so go with the shabby chic look. Sanding pollutes the lungs.

- Don’t redecorate often. Go on vacation when your place is being painted.

- Don’t ever buy a new car. You lose 5 grand as soon as you drive it away, and the toxic off-gases from all of the interior plastics, foam uphostery, end up on your skin and in your lungs, polutting your brain and nervous system. Bad stuff. Bad. That “new car smell” doesn’t smell good, it’s BAD.

- Don’t ever use bug killer beyond roach motels - no sprays. Windex - any degreaser - works just as well. Don’t work in a restaurant - they spray for pesticides frequently. If you do, CLEANSE, including detox baths and liver herbs. Stay out of your apartment as long as you can post-spray, and toss/wash everything that was there.

- Don’t spend a lot of time in beauty parlors. Maintaining nails and hair costs you years of looking good.

- Avoid the dry cleaners (dry clean very infrequently). Buy used clothes and window shop mainly at the consignment stores. New clothes have a permanent press spray that isn’t great. Shop fast, wash new clothes before wearing.

- avoid foam rubber beds, futons, couches, etc. Gives off an off-gas that isn’t great. The memory foam is okay.

- Almost all dried or canned soups have MSG, a perfect way to get a sickly headache. Funny, that. Soup used to be good food. Read the label.

- Avoid dense metropolitan areas or areas full of smokers. Get plenty of Vit C if you do live in a city. Smog is a real problem.

- Avoid drinking from aluminum cans, particularly caustic drinks like coca-cola.

- avoid eating foods from cans.

- avoid eating fish more than once or twice a week, less if the larger fish. Cod liver oil should be okay IF it is Norweigen, or labled “pharmaceutically pure.”

- Avoid hormone-fed meats. Eat organic beef and chicken or game meats, alternative meats like venison, elk, moose, buffalo.

- Avoid Nutra-Sweet. It breaks down into formeldehyde.

- Avoid biting your nails. Lots of toxins, parasites and heavy metals end up underneath your fingernails.

- Avoid vinyl products. They have lead.

- Avoid using Lysol disinfectent spray. It’s actually smog in a bottle.

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