How to become more alkaline

baking sodaOne of the most overlooked aspects of candida cleansing is the need to become more alkaline, and less acidic. Now, before I explain a powerful technique that can help you become more alkaline, let me outline all the basic ways you can help yourself first.

For most people, the best way to make your body more alkaline is to simply change your diet. The most common alkaline veggies are: alfalfa, cucumbers, brocolli, cabbbage green peas, garlic, and kale. Fruits that are alkaline are: dried figs, cantaloupe, curants, apples, apricots, tangerine, and watermelon. Sources of protein that are alkaline include: almonds and chestnuts. Spices that are alkaline are: curry, ginger, mustard and sea salt.

Of course, you should try to limit your intake of foods that are high in acidity. These include veggies such as corn and lentils, fruits such as blueberries, cranberries and plums, and grains such as barley, oats, quimoa, noodles, macaroni, and brea.

Following this diet guideline will help make your body alkaline, and for the most part is probably sufficient for most candida sufferers. However, if you think you do not have your body PH under control, here is a very powerful technique that will do the trick.

Here is a technique that is quite powerful that will help you become more alkaline.

If you are having lots of joint pain, or recurring pain that you can’t eliminate, and have a very bad digestive system, this means you are consuming too many acids. Your body can not eliminate these acids, and as a result they are being stored in your body, which is causing the pain you are experiencing. If you’ve also ate a high-acidity diet many times, and never cleanse before, this technique is for you. Ready?

This technique basically involves consuming a substance called sodium bicarbonate.. Sodium what? This basically means baking soda. Simply mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to a large glass of water, and consume this mix on an empty stomach. Of course it doesn’t taste like a Baskin Robbins 3-scoop sundae, but then again, what would you expect? It’s baking soda!

To make the taste less pleasant, you should put the baking soda inside capsules, and consume it with a glass of water. They sell baking soda capsules in several stores.

If you don’t think your body can handle this, an alternative is to buy 500 milligrams of calcium carbonate (or potassium carbonate) and take this 2 times a day. Of course the dosage varies, depending on the brand of carbonate.

What will your reaction be?

For most people, including me, you will experience some nausea, a tightening stomach, and some pain in various parts of your body. Do not worry! This is simply a reaction from your body as all the acids are being eliminated. After a couple of days, your body will become more alkaline, and all the pain will disappear.

While doing this technique, be sure to reduce your calories slightly. Follow the candida diet, and you’ll be safe. Limit intake of proteins. You should also try to consume probiotics while consuming sodium bicarbonate, as more healthy bacteria will survive, and go into your intestines.

Once again, for most people, this technique may be a little too potent. A simple diet change will do the trick in restoring alkalinity for many people.. however, there may be just a few people that need to do this, and for them, this technique will help them tremendously! Tell me how it works!

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