How to gain weight ? I tried many things include work out and took some nutrition from VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: How to gain weight ? I tried many things include work out and took some nutrition from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Hi, hear loads of posts referring to shutdown and the inportance of PCT to avoid this. What exactly is shutdown, guess it's natural test shutdown, what are the exact effects of this?..

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Your question was: How to gain weight ? I tried many things include work out and took some nutrition from VitaminShoppe?.

Great post pscarb - top bloke!.

I'll have to come back to this post and read it a few more times.... just take it all in...

Comment #1

Ill go for the easy peasy geordie explanation......

Before using steroids your body was producing it's own testosterone....

After using steroids your body doesnt think it needs to produce it's own testosterone....

I.e. your testosterone is shut down.....

Thats about as simple-dimple and explanation as youll get... the role of PCT is to switch testosterone production back on!..

Comment #2

.. nice original explanation pscarb, but I think LeeB gets the vote - I will read your post again just to take in the finer detail...... at least you have more hair than him though...

Comment #3

Go Lee B!.

Professor Scarborough, your knowledge in this area is better than mine but as I don't have as much time in front of the pc as you I'll give our geordie jester the points here..

Comment #4

I knew I should of stuck to my northern roots and gone for the simplistic explanation..

Comment #5

Scots version!.

Nads (giving an unimpressed glance) go.....

"There is plenty of this shit in the system already, I am off on annual leave!"..

Comment #6

Can anybody tell me is there a difference between novadex and tamoxifen..

Comment #7

Ian, it's the same thing. nolvadex is the brand name for tamoxifen..

There is a slight distinction actually... nolvadex is the finished product dosage, 20mg of nolvadex is approx 32mg of tamoxifen citrate. but essentially, the same compound..

Comment #8

Thanks nickive got tamoxifen in 20mg I'm about to start my first course of gear (200mg every 5 days deca durab the organon type)ive been reading in the forum to take 20mg of nova as pct does that meen ive got to increase my dosage of tamoxifenp.s I was going to take the tamox for the full ten weeks of my course .sorry to babble on I just want to get it right!cheers..

Comment #9

If all you're running is Nandrolone, you're asking for gyno problems using Nolva. It has been shown to upregulate the progesterone receptor...

Comment #10

Hi mate I'm using deca is that the same as nandrolone?..

Comment #11

Deca = Nandrolone Undecanoate - nandrolone is the hormone, undecanoate the ester...

Comment #12

Thanks razg. is there anybody out there that can suggest a pct for deca and during 10 weeks of gear .thanks any suggestions appreciated..

Comment #13

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