Die Off Effects of Threelac

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candida die offMany people often ask me about how to handle the die-off effects of Threelac. Here’s such a question I saw posted in a message board:

“Just recently I’ve started with 3 lac and Oxygen elements plus. I seem to be able to tolerate this stuff a bit better than other products Ive tried. With the OE+ I was surprised how powerful the stuff can be, and so only take 4 drops after breakfast to ensure I sleep at night and the detox isnt too bad.

I can only tolerate 1 sachet of Threelac per day. I tried two per day but after a couple of days I had terrible die-off.

My concern is that in order for the 3-lac to work I really need to be on 2-3 per day… Sooo any ideas on handling die-off folks? Or should I just be patient and wait for a month or so on just one Threelac per day?”


Its okay to take just 1 threelac a day. When your body can handle the extra die off after you have been on for while then just up it to 2 packets aday. Its okay to start with 1 and it is working or you would not be getting the die off effect.

Just hang in there and drink lots of water,take buffered vit C and make sure you are having regular bowel movements to get out all the die off and dead stuff toxins exctra so it does not reabsorb back into your body.

Just try 1 sachet for the first ten days and then move up to 2 for the next 2 weeks. Then try 3 or 4 depending on how you feel.

You need lots of water and a good fibre supplement to save you getting bunged up as constipation can make you feel awful with all the dead yeast and toxins sat in your system. I’m taking Flax Seed Oil and it’s keeping things moving OK.

Have you changed your diet to an anti-candida one (ie no sugar)? I think you should whilst you’re on ThreeLac.

If your system’s overloaded with sugar you’re going to have real difficulties blasting the candida away.

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