How to Start Candida Cleansing

enema kitHere’s a question I found over at Curezone:

Question: I think that I have had problems with Candida for many, many years and just didn’t realize it. I’ve suffered from yeast infections for years, and now have many other problems. Daily headaches, brain fog, acne, slimy throat, fatigue, menstrual problems, and now within the last month I came down with the flu. Since then, I have had a bloated, gassy tummy.

Lot’s of gurgling in my stomach, I feel “toxic”. I also went in to get this checked two weeks ago and found out I had a bacterial and yeast infection which I was treated for and showed a slight improvement and then went back downhill quickly. My immune system has been low ever since I tested positive for the Epstein Barr Virus a few years ago, (the doctor said I had mono) and I seem to get sick pretty easy.

I fluctuate between diarrhea and constipation. I had lost all my weight from having kids, and all of a sudden I’m packing on the pounds (although I believe some of it is bloating from gas and also water weight) even though I’m eating less and exercising.

My diet hasn’t been the best, (I crave sugar and carbs) although I’m careful to eat whole wheat instead of white flour, and I try to eat veggies and fruits. I know I suffer from hypoglycemia too.

Anyway, I feel overwhelmed by all the information I am getting from this site and was wondering if someone can point me in a direction to start. What are the most important things for me to begin with? Obviously, I’m sure diet changes are in order, which I will do, but what else should I start with? Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Answer: First step is to cleanse the colon. Get an enema bucket setup like the one at Health & Yoga, an online distributer in India that sells them for just 30 bucks. That will just wash the debris and candida out of your system so that the toxins no longer rob you of oxygen.

While you’re doing this, take Primal Defense (best probiotic). If you want to take anti-fungals, the same company (Gardeon of LIfe) has an anti-fungal, and also a really good super-green that helps to alkalinize the body. They have enzymes too, but all of their products are quite costly, so for enzymes get Kcal pancreatic enzymes or Solaray instead.

Change your diet to a no-sugar, no-dairy, mostly vegetarian and whole grain. Get a juicer if you can afford it. There are no vitamin supplements that are as good as Mother Nature! :) I have posted a Kichadi recipe that is a good thing to eat. Make a huge pot and eat nothing but that for a week, to heal your digestion.

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