I bought Natural E Vitamins from VitaminShoppe.. are they any good?

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My first question is: I bought Natural E Vitamins from VitaminShoppe.. are they any good?.

My next question is: Well ive posted sum pics and I'm a tad dis apointed I thought I would have gained slighly more dont get me wrong I'm not expecting to bu huge but I wanted more ive proberlly been training now for a year or so, I have metho stenilon I fink thats how you spell it and I'm debating wheather to give it a go or not.

Im just lookin for advice on amounts, time of day ect.

I have search and read up on it.

Also do I have to take sumthing to protect my liver.

And seem 40mg a day spread across the day is best.

Any one used this and can it be used alone or with sumthing else for a better result.

Thanks for reading guys..

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Your question was: I bought Natural E Vitamins from VitaminShoppe.. are they any good?.

Like nick say 40 mg it's to high dosage... I always tapper my dbol when eat it ( eat it with food, dont eat it on empty stomach ).

And you can always try tbol instead of dbol..

Comment #1

Going to sit on the fence here mate because I see the value in both Nick's and Cal's suggestions but if you do decide to run the dbol, I think you would make good gains on half that dose..

Frankly, as it's your first cycle, whatever you take is going to be an experiment and nobody can predict how your body is going to respond..

I've never used dbol but know a few lads I train with who have for their first cycle and they nearly all made big gains but lost a fair amount after cycle..

Sorry Jay, I know that's not very good advice but if I were you, I'd make up your mind what route you want to take (oral or injectable) and then post for the specific protocol for that drug(s). Hope that makes sense mate..

Comment #2

Just echo Nicks advice. If you have a problem with needles just get over it bud. 40mg is way too high and needles are by far the most effective and safest way to do steroids. If you want to talk about this more feel free to PM me. Iv'e never had an inoculation and I managed to do Test E so I'm in a good place to advise..

If you think needles are morally wrong then thats a different story but I've not come across many people who feel like that in your position far more likely it's just needle fear...

Comment #3

If you do decide to take drugs then please educate yourself PROPERLY on their use and dangers of misuse.

Good luck with your training...

Comment #4

Wow cheers for the advie guys REALLY appriacate it,.

I didnt know how to word the post and I'm trying to find out as much as poss about this and risks meathods etc, ive spent a few nites on the net reading tho posts going tho links to pages etc unfortantly I dont know anyone personnaly at the gym to openly talk about it which is why I appreicate your advice guys..

I am kinda worried about injectables but I think I would prefer it over oral as it seems, form the advice and other threads and websites ive read they are pretty toxic. only reason I was considering it was beacuse I had them..

Only thing that id be personnaly worried about is "how to" if that makes sense all aspects unfortantly the lad I train with isnt really intrested in this line of getting bigger he just comes trains spots and goes.

Also I have tab that are called METHANDRO-STENOLON.

And are in 5mg tabs and in foil packs of ten am I rite in thinking this is dbol I rember sumone saying it was but have seen pitures of dbol and it looks slightly different also countd and have only a 4 week cycle if I decided to which prob wouldnt be worth it.

In honesty I think from reading above posts I will go down the injectable way.

Would anyone recommend a good starting cycle,.

Cheers again for reading..

Comment #5

Good choice IMO..

12 weeks of Test E or Cyp at 10 - 12 weeks 500mg is a good starter...

Comment #6

Id advise staying natural a few months longer until you learn the ins and outs of steroids.. not just the HOWs but the WHYs.... this is whats important in being successful....

What you have is dbol.. whether it's real or fake is another issue entirely!.

20mg a day is the dose you should look to... it will give godo results for a first cycle... BUT I still dont think your 100% ready mate... thats not a pop.... just dont want you to be anytihng but your best!..

Comment #7

Appricate everyones input and I'm at the moment reading and taking in what ive read on here logs and websites, does any one have suum links to any I may have missed there must be millions ive done the usal searchs on google yahoo lots more.

The more informative the better..

Comment #8

You are in a good place right, you are researching well. Give it a few months IMO until you are really sound on the knowledge and then re-evaluate whether you should be doing it - make your decision then..


Comment #9

Be careful of google and yahoo searches.....

Its important to look at your sources of information and eveluate how much credability you should give to each....... you have an excellent source here on musclechat... keep reading the posts and youll learn alot mate!.

Imagine you had 2 mates:.

1 - ronnie coleman.

2 - big fat lad from down the gym who looks liek sh*t... eats sh*t.. trains like sh*t.....

Now they both might give you a lecture on the correct use of AAS in bodybuilding... which one you going to listen to???.

My point being that when you do a google search very often you cannot tell who is giving you the info and how much credability they have!!.

Trust me I work for a university and we actually have to educate our students not to use google... as the information they find can sometimes cause them to fail their assignments..... as it can be a load of old bollocks!!..

Comment #10

Saying that I wouldn't trust Ronnie either..

Lightweight Baby!!!..

Comment #11

Very true aboutwhat you said leeb thats where I read about taking the dbol on a 40mg a day cycle which shows how wrong it was as id be better of on a 15-20mg cycle which is your point to a tea!! sum things ive read are misleading :?.

Anything I'm not sure about ill just post up here if thats alrite.

Cheers for all your opinons and help..

Comment #12

Get L. Rea's "Guide to Chemical Muscle Enhancement" it will give you a good understanding of what steroids do and the basics of your endocrine system, it also highlights the pro's and con's of many different roids..

I tend to disagree with everyone on this post, 40mg of dbol is chicken feed and will not screw you up. 12 weeks on enanthate is way too long in my opinion, I belive you use a product for a certain length of tiime then switch to to something else to prevent your system getting too used to it, this is the whole point in having planned courses..

25% discount for Musclechatters..

Comment #13

40mg dbol as dougie says is still not a massive amount... and is not bad advice... I personally just dont think at your stage of development you need it!.

And yeah l. reas book should clear some tihngs up for you..

Also regarding what extreme has said about switching gear... this is something I have never really done as such... but have read some literature on it in the past and would be interested in trying an approach like this for my next course....

I read an actual scientific study on a US NPC athlete once... he started his show diet about 30lbs lighter than when he finished... and obviously when he had finished he was shredded too... (he qualified for NPC USAs).. his gear switched so often I couldnt make head or tail of what was going on!!!!..

Comment #14

Cheers guys will get reading up on that and ill try and find a copy of that book 2 nice one !! 8)..

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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