I have a 2000 VitaminShoppe yukon denali, and the back windows go down 1/4 of the way, the previous ?

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My first question is: I have a 2000 VitaminShoppe yukon denali, and the back windows go down 1/4 of the way, the previous ?

My next question is: Please can anyone tell me how long before I start my work out should I take my Anadrol dose - or is this of little consequence?..

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Your question was: I have a 2000 VitaminShoppe yukon denali, and the back windows go down 1/4 of the way, the previous ?

Well I get up and pop my anadrol and eat my breakie but I dont go to the gym in the mornin so I dont have to think about it,if you do go to the gym in the mornin then id get the anadrol down you a good hour befor you go to the gym..

Comment #1

Shouldnt matter too much.. theres people on here who have more knowledge of this than me so I may be corrected...

But in my opinion you should be concerened more with acheiveing consistent blood levels of the hormones... so if your having one tab a day... half it and have half at say 6am and then half at 6pm... your then having 25mg every 12 hours.. doing this exactly the same every day means your blood levels are always stable!..

Comment #2

Yer best to try to keep your blood levels stable,but bugger cuttin one of them in half and tryin o sort out the powder in half ???? lol.

Also if you do use more than one tab watch out for pain in the side of your head as this is an early sign of your BP raisein which is not uncomon from anadrol.

Comment #3

Thanks for your guidance guys. These wont last me too long - tiny, little yellow 10mg tabs.....

Comment #4

Anadrol 10mg??????.

Am I missing something here but is anadrol not a 50mg tab????.

They should just snap in half with your fingers.....

Comment #5

Yeah i`m always cutting tablets in halves and quarters-no probs!..

Comment #6

Ermmm they dont sound like anadrol m8???? looks like you may have bought some thing belevein them to be anadrol,but theres no way they are?????i ant got my cam handy or id sgow you what they should look like :shock:..

Comment #7

They sound more like "stanabol" (stanozolol) to me, little yellow square shaped tabs from BD, they do a 10mg and a 50mg, basically winny..

Have they got a little line across them with a "B" on one side and a "D" on the other side of the line, on the reverse side there should be a number 10 on them, if so they are stanabol mate and not anadrol...

Comment #8

Is there any thing I can take or jab to build my calfs up..

Comment #9

No theres not mate.. calfs are muscle tissue as with any other part of your body... the only way to make them specifically grow is by proper training, rest and good diet..

If you want help to grow your calves then I suggest you post a topic in the training routines forum and ask for advice in there..

Its probably not what you want to hear but having the attitude that simply taking pills and jabbing yourself will make you grow is totally the wrong one in this sport mate.. the sooner you realise that the better and then youll begin making your calfs grow!..

Comment #10

Richie - this is a bit annoying mate. I spent quite a long time replying to your pms and drew up a programme to help you with your calves. I know from other threads that other people have given you similar advice but you seem really desperate about your calves..

Lee has just said what I and others have said - you gotta really work them hard to get results. There aren't any shortcuts. In fact, you're wasting valuable time trying to find a shortcut when you could have done a good calf session..

GIve up trying to find a magic solution mate and start training your calves like a man possessed..

Comment #11

Anyone on running anadrol/anapalon 50 had any problem with stomach acid, I'm running 100mg of anapalon 50 per day and my guts over the last week or so, man when I burp it burns when I eat it burns. week 1 was eating every protein food in sight now week 2/3 dont feel like eating, I know anapalon gives you a bloat but I feel as if my stomach is bulging big time, never thought I would bloat like this. but the acid is starting to kill me anyone had this problem..

Comment #12

Lots of people do mate... not too much you can do....

Go to and search for something called Eno... it's best thing for bloated/windy tum in my opinion!.

Many people with anapolon have to cut it out after a few weeks due to same symptoms as you! or take teh tablets before bed so you only bloat whilst asleep!..

Comment #13

Richie, get yourself a pair of high heels or do what Arnold did and nail a wooden wedge to your shoes so you walk arounf like you're wearing high heels, this will bring your calves up pronto..

The timing or your anapolon/oxymetholone is unimportant, just take it with food..

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