I just started taking Hoodia Supreme that I puchased at VitaminShoppe. Anyone have any good results ?

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My first question is: I just started taking Hoodia Supreme that I puchased at VitaminShoppe. Anyone have any good results ?

My next question is: Hey people, I just finished my cycle around 10days ago, which was 400mg Equi-bol and 500mg of Sus 250, pw and Turanabol, and the results were ace! Leaned up very well, and had some awesome strength gains too. Went from dumbell pressing 100lbs 6 reps to 128lbs for 12 reps, dumbell shoulde presses from 50lbs for 6 reps to 85lbs for 10 reps and so on..

My question is, would it be smart for me to do the same cycle again in 3 months? Because I'm a massive fan of Equibol, and I KNOW it works for me.

Id actually like to try it with Test Suspension but ive heard the half life on Test Susp. is only 3 hours and it has to be done everyday, amongst the painful injections..

Any other reccomendations?.

Im looking to lean up even more and Ganabol is the shits. So I just need others to stack with the Equibol..

Cheers guys..

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Your question was: I just started taking Hoodia Supreme that I puchased at VitaminShoppe. Anyone have any good results ?

Yeah 3 months should be fine, if you are starting to gain again naturally I reckon thats a good indication that you are ready to go again...

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I didnt run HCG though my cycle because that triggers acne on me and I felt a lump in my left nipple when I used to use it. I stuck to one Tamoxifen a day, and after the cycle finished, I used 2 Proviron, and 1 Tamoxifen a day and Clomid.

If I'm brutally honest, I'm tempted to do some growth with the Equibol. Do you guys think id be wasting my money? I was looking at a possible HGH, Equibol, Test Propionate and Anavar cycle.

Hit me back. Cheers!..

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Proviron is an androgenic steroid and as such, has no place in post cycle therepy..

Hgh prices itself out of most peoples' cycles. the rest sounds good though...

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Is that the ONLY reason tho mate? And when I mean I want to take it with my cycle as mentioned, it wont be a box (100iu), rather, 200iu (2 boxes) of Jintrophin..

Ive never done growth, and would like to try it.

And just a thanx for everyone whos helping out..

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GH... how long would you be using it for? at what doseage? why are you looking to include it? i.e. what role are you wanting it ploy in your cycles and what results do you expect from it?..

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Well, I dont expect massive results because it isnt a steroid. You only get big on Steroid bulkers because it's mainly water retention (except for stuff like Ganabol, Equibol, Anavar, Turanabol) and ive read that it is a very good lean bulker. Thats the reason why I wish to try it. Im not a fan of Anadrol, even tho ive never tried it, Dbol is ok but you get what I'm saying. I dont wanna fill up like a sack of water and deflate when I come off. I like the "other" route.

I read on the GenSci website that you need 4 boxes (400iu) over a 4 month period for this to actually work. Is this true?.

Taa mate..

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Its not about how much you use as such... it's more about how long.... personally if your not looking to compete at a high level any time soon then you will get the same results from a few well planned and researched courses of gear and alot of hard graft in the gym and good eating outside of it!.

Its not the wonder drug it's made out to be... you see alot of competitors these days with ripped abs... and not shredded top to toe... this is in my opinion due to the common probolem of people thinking growth is the answer.... these people would be better off spending their money on a dog and walking it 2-3 times a day!!..

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Thanx LeeB..

So id be better off just doing a Equibol 200, Test Propionate and Anavar Cycle?..

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