I take VitaminShoppe 100% protein an hour before i workout and right after i workout. Is that ok?

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My first question is: I take VitaminShoppe 100% protein an hour before I workout and right after I workout. Is that ok?.

My next question is: I feel that it will benefit the community if I start a thread regarding the law and the import and sale of anabolic steroids..

The US and Australia strictly forbids importing, possessing and sale of anabolic steroids without a prescription. British law is different..

You are lawfully allowed to import, possess and use steroids for personal use if the supplier originates from outside the UK.That includes buying steroids abroad and having them on your person when passing through customs.

If you buy or sell steroids within the UK you are guilty of supplying or receiving a class C controlled substance that can lead to jail time and a criminal record..

I believe in using steroids responsibly and i'm sure many other board members will agree with me..

If you are going to use steroids then you MUST do your research first on what effect these powerful substances will have on your health and where you stand with the law..

Futher information regarding the import of steroids into the UK can be found on the HM Customs website.

Best wishes and stay safe...

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Your question was: I take VitaminShoppe 100% protein an hour before I workout and right after I workout. Is that ok?.

Just for a general point.... call it advice or an opinion to anyone reading this....

If I was thinking about breaking the law... say doing 100mph in my car....

If I wanted to investigate the consequences of that, I wouldnt neccesarily look for advice on a web site about fast cars... id want info direct from the police!.

Now I'm not saying any advice is right or wrong... as I'm uninformed on the subject... I just wouldnt take naything as gospel unless it was an official statement of the law!.

Look before you leap is always a good motto!..

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Possesion of UG lab gear is not legal though as it is considered counterfeit..

Comment #2

I'd be pretty feckin' amazed if I was stopped going through customs at the airport entering the UK and got pulled to a side, found with 100 amps and a load of tabs and they said "merry Christmas" and let me on my way! I wouldn't advise anyone with more than 6 brain cells to give that approach a try...

Comment #3

I brought 2500 amps of sustanon back from Egypt a few years ago, wasn't stopped and had no hassle..

I also had friends who regularly went to Thailand and would buy 10K worth each time, they regularly got stopped and lost 1500 - 2000 worth so just adjusted the price of what they had brought back to sell..

They were big lads who claimed to be semi-pro and the customs guys didn't have a clue what would constitute a course or not so they got through with it..

Anabolics is a massive grey area, the police can't tell whats personal use or sale amounts bcos you have guys using 500mg a week and guys using 5000mg a week, customs are in the same boat.

The whole thing is a farce, that's why there are so few prosecutions...

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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