I want to lose weight using a VitaminShoppe product?

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My first question is: I want to lose weight using a VitaminShoppe product?.

My next question is: I have been doing more research and I am now thinking of a 10 wk cycle of test enth by itself. I have been hearing for alot that it was their first and worked really well. Please reply and let me know what your oppinion is. I am wanting mostly for strength gains, but would like some muscle size as well...

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Your question was: I want to lose weight using a VitaminShoppe product?.

Sounds good as a starting cycle but like the guys say,,we need to know more...

Comment #1

I have been training since age of 15 and now am 25 My diet.

Meal 1 1 1/2 cups oats with water.

Meal 2 protein bar.

Meal 3 6oz chicken breast/veggie.

Meal 4 protein shake 46 g.

Meal 5 12 oz chicken/veggieandfruit.

Meal 6 2 cans of tuna.

Monday Chest.

Bench 2x135 20 warm up Incline DB Presses.

1x275 8 4x6 to 8 reps.

1x300 6 80's and 90's.

1x315 4 Fly's flat.

1x335 4 4 x 8 60 lbs.

Decline DB Presses.

4 x 8 80lbs.

Tuesday Back.

Bent over rows Pull Ups / Close grip.

4 x 8 to 10 155lbs Body weight 225lbs.

Reverse Fly's DB 4 x 15.

4 x 10 45lbs Hyperextensions 4 x 15.

Weds Shoulders.

Millitary Press/Arnoldtwist Shrugs.

4 x 8-10 60lbs 4 x 10 350 lbs.

Side and Front raises 4 x 15 35lbs.

Thursday LEGS.

Squats 4 x 8-10 from 405 to 425.

Deadlift 4 x 8 from 445 to 460lbs.

Leg Ext 4 x 8 200 lbs.

Leg curl 4 x 8 150 lbs.

Walking Lunges 20 steps 135lbs.

Calf raises 4 x 15 180lbs.

Friday ARMS.

Close grip bench 4 x 10 225lbs.

Curls 4 x 10 115lbs.

Dips 4 x 20 body weight.

Hammer curls 4x 10 80 lbs.

Forearm figer rolls 4 x 25 75lbs.

Cardio 3 times a week 45 mins a day.

Looking to get strength and will take all muscle gains that come with. I don't have that much fat covering the muscle just is a little more than I want...

Comment #2

Hell go for it IMO.

You need to do some research first but other than that No one should stop someone who can dead 210kg for 8 reps if I'm reading that right..

What do you weigh bud..

Comment #3

My current weight is 227lbs I would post up pics but don't have digital camera..

Comment #4

If you stopped over training you might grow naturally...

Comment #5

You think I am over training? I am only doing 12 to 16 sets per body part. What am I over training on. What do you recommend I try...

Comment #6

I think you are doing too many sets on the small muscle groups like arms and calves....

Comment #7

I think your routine is fine mate. Just remember it's more important to go all out on the big five deads, squats, bench, shoulder press and rows/chins through the week than it is to do 4 different bicep movements...

Comment #8

Your defo overtraining mate I do only 8 to 9 sets per bodypart depending on how I feel, smaller groups I do max 4. Your undoing all the good work by overtraining, don't take my word for it read Mike Mentzor, Dorian Yates and plenty of others who all now say they too overtrained at the start and later discovered that the body did not need volume to grow. If it takes you 16 sets to break a muscle down then gee your doing something wrong mate..

Speak to Bodyworks I'm sure he will ecco my responce and he is the bollocks..

All you need to do is enough to stimulate muscle growth and we can do this with a few sets..

P.s. YG why say his routine is fine mate when you should know that 16 sets on one muscle is way too much...

Comment #9

Ali M bear in mind what works for you doesn't necessarily work for everyone. For example my body responds to very heavy weights low reps for a moderate amount of sets (8 - 10 per bodypart, less for small muscles), I know Young Gun's responds better to a higher volume medium rep range like 6 - 10 reps at about 12 - 15 sets per body part..

Unless the person has the absolute hardcore intensity then Mentzor and Yates style training will inevitably fail - because they won't know how to push past that incredible pain barrier that is so hard to learn.


Comment #10

I personally don't think thats bad at all 16 sets per day, 1 muscle group most days..

The guy is a powerful dude so he is doing something right. Focusing on core lifts for the most part. I don't think the routine is ideal but it's not terrible. I know plenty of people think that they overtrain it's the new buzzword but only through trail and errror can we tell what works for us, there is no golden ticket..

If it works stick at it and he is obviously not doing badly.

Agree with Nick on the MM and DY stuff. You seen Dorian train I get to six reps and fail so then I push to another six because I should. Not many people who can do that...

Comment #11

If your growing and all the bodyparts are responding then it's fine....

Everyone responds differently... if you want to progress fully you need to be brutally honest with yourself when judging your progress!..

Comment #12

Thanks for all the info guys I do get a good response after about 8 sets I just got to liking that burn and hurt feeling so I keep going I will try to start going for only 8 to 10 sets and see if I can make a difference..

Comment #13

You may find this link interesting:.


Your diet does need some changes but it's minor points for the most part. I'll elaborate if you wish...

Comment #14

Hi all. Im looking for a good gym with a good range of machines and weights like I freakin had back home is SA ( y did I have to leave!!!! ). I stay down south in streatham, yesterday I went to mucleworks coz I heard it was good, and I agree. Except that it's a bit far out for me to travel. I had a look at a holmes place in streatham earlier today and it's not what Im looking for.

Do any of you know any good gyms that arent too expensive, anywhere along the route to vic station, ie: clapham, battersea and victorira areas...

Please help Im pulling my hair our.

A big thanks..

Comment #15

Yes razg I am on this site to get some new ideas, advice, and whatever else I can aquire. So if you think a new diet would help then elaborate all you want I will listen and maybe try...

Comment #16

Okay. First thing, where do your training sessions fit in with regards to that eating timetable? Also please list any and all supplements you use...

Comment #17

My workout comes 45 minutes after meal 5 and eat meal 6 20 minutes after workout. As far as supplements I am only taking in the extra protein. Soon I will be taking creatine also...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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