Iam taking these VitaminShoppe womens ultra mega vitamins and i took one so far and i feel real weir?

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My first question is: Iam taking these VitaminShoppe womens ultra mega vitamins and I took one so far and I feel real weir?.

My next question is: Hey everyone I'm about to start a cycle of dianabol, I'm new to steroids, so I have have never personally expireced the effects, however I have done alot of reseach and have come to find that d-bol causes a noticiable retention in water, which would lead to me not looking cut or well defined. so I read articles saying to take Nolvadex and Proviron with the dianabol to help stop the coversion of estrogen and to lower the water retention. My qestion is how bad is the retention of water and the conversion of estrogen, I really dont want to look like a fat ass with tits. my diet is pretty good, low in fat and high in protein. I am fairley well defined, I just want more mass, muscle mass that is. ive been lifting for a long time and have gotten good results I'm just looking to take it up a notch..

Thanks for your time..

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Your question was: Iam taking these VitaminShoppe womens ultra mega vitamins and I took one so far and I feel real weir?.

Yeah you`ll put on some water whilst on dbol. never understood what the prob is- when youre done with the cycle you pee out the water and youre gains are revealed. if youre training right and eating correctly you should put on 5 lbs.(whether thats all muscle or not is down to you)..

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Musclevett I have come to find that running dbol by itself will build muscle and give you a differential amount of water retension. All in all it's like crazycal said your gains in the end will show. Just up to you what it is.IMO you should run nolva with it...

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What amount are you running the dbol at?.

Up to 30mg an above will give you water retention and maybe other sides..

Maybe try a lower dose an see how you get on. Lots about this around on the site...

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I did 15mgs a day with weekends off for 9 weeks..

Well worth it for a starter..

You`ll need nolva tho..

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I wouldn't recommend running nolva during your cycle unless signs of gyno start to occur save it for PCT and run Proviron throughout, IMO run the following :.

6 week cycle with PCT.

30 miligrams Dbol ED - Either 1 hour before work out of split through out the day.

20 miligrams of Proviron ED - weeks 1 - 4.

Standard PCT - Nolvadex.

The Proviron should help combat water retention, make sure you have Nolva on hand through out just incase......

Good Luck..

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Miligrams. I know that's what mr. house meant but some could take it literally...

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Thanks for that BodyWorks. Cant emphasise enough "MILIGRAMS" not Grams !!!!!.

I have edited my post to reflect this !!..

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