Gas Common In the Candida Diet ?


Hello- I have just bought some different supplements to help me with my candida. Oil of oregano, colostrums, L-glutamine, coconut oil, slippery elm (leaky gut.) My symptoms of candida are gas after eating almost anything! I have been on the candida diet for the past few days. I noticed though, that when I took oil of oregano I got the same symptoms as when I eat. Gas!!

A Gurgly feeling. Should I stop? I’m trying to heal leaky gut (I think) and candida and don’t want to stress my body but it seems like EVERYTHING gives me gas! It sucks if that means I can’t take them b/c I don’t know what else to do…I’m desperate to get well.


I would guess that the gas you get from eating is caused by the candida/yeast fermenting. The gas you’re getting from the anti-candida products is hopefully caused by the candida dying. I noticed the most gas/stomach and intestines gurgling (followed by diarrhea) when first trying cream of tarter powder and oregano capsules on a nearly empty stomach.

After a week or so I’ve noticed the candida symptoms are about 50% better. I have to slugging away to get that other 50%! What I do is set aside time when I can take anti-candida products that cause discomfort and suffer through them a few minutes. I drive a long haul truck so that’s only once or twice a week.

The rest of the time I don’t take much cream of tarter powder. After a few weeks the pain of symptoms should lessen. Good luck and patients. Hope that works!

The egg is probably causing you trouble, make it simple and follow the diet so you can determine which nutrients are causing gassy stomach.

When you get along you’ll get hunches little by little of what you tolerate and so on just don’t expect the clouds to clear in a swift, have patience.

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