Is it possible to be cured of candida ?

Another informative question in CureZone: I took a large dose of antibiotics back in October and have been extremly sick since then. I read a book by DR. Sherry Rogers and all my symptoms fit perfectly with what was listed for Candida. As long as I stick with this exremley strick no sugar, yeast or fermented foods diet I do pretty well.

Also I have been taking something called Candistat and a probiotic (PB8 and I took something by Solgar). I have a feeling the Candistat isn’t doing too much. Before the Candistat I tried the Undecyn by Thorne Labortories.

I have read so much about this Threelac that I order my first bottle yesterday. I am a little nervous about the die off symptoms I keep hearing about. How long do they typically last? And I guess my other question is it seems people are sick with this for years and just can’t get cured, has anyone been or know of anyone who is completly cured?

okay, i’ll respond first to your inquiry about the extent of the imbalance i was experiencing with candida.

first sign; reoccuring yeast infections. this went on for two years. i went to the doctor, they perscribed drug store treatments. did these with temporary relief. then the cycle would complete and it would all start again.

since i could not get any other advice from the doctor’s i foolishly tried to ignore it, hoping it would all end. (plus i was a college student with a trememdous schedule and could not worry about it. instead coped with the discomfort!) even when the infection became very irritating i’d go get a drug store solution for temporary relief.

then i began noticing white flecks in my urine. i told my doctor, same response, drug store treatment to yeast infection!

so now it is around 3 years of this imbalance. i had tremendous sugar cravings and the odd yeast infection and still flecks in urine. i noticed problems in digestion, bloating feelings, gasiness, discomfort around this. i avoided foods i thought contributed. but this soon was alot. so i couldn’t avoid all foods. as well i did not generally feel well. i am a very active person, but felt limited in energy. i also notice i gain weight around the middle region.

i believe i was experiencing side effects of a toxic liver by then, as i felt toxic alot. I experienced constipation sometimes, diarreah other times. One BM a day if I was lucky and foul smelling. Oh, and the emotional mood swings, irritable, confusion, indecisive, foggy, lack of concentration (i just identified it as my “personality”).

then 4 years later, of coping with all these symptoms i began experiencing major sinus congestion, one nostril congested alot. i had a filling in my tooth fall out and the tooth broke a bit. i then had a partial root canal. got a fever and had my wisdom teeth pulled then took antibiotics. after this, also added to my symptoms were; fuzziness in my eyes, lack of appetite, lack of sexual appetite, my nose appeared red for no reason (toxic liver).

then 5 years of all this, add vertigo, tremendous emotional reactions, 2 failed relationships, and self-imposed isolation!

From this point on, the self-imposed isolation became an opportunity I really needed to heal. One thing I’ve learned is my relationships are reflections of myself. I was imbalanced and this appeared in my relationships.

In both of my failed relationships, I perceived the other person to be controlling and too dominate to the point of abusive. If you think of it, this is what was happening in my body. The candida imbalance, the candida being dominate. but i irresponsibly accepted the “victim” role with the relationships as well as with my health.

So in this isolation, i was able to nuture enough strength to not accept the imbalances i was experiencing. this strength was always there, i just didn’t give it a chance. this strength i was nuturing recognized truthful things (even if i was foggy from the candida imbalance). i researched and contacted new people as well as others who i had met over the years that appeared to have truths about health.

Beginning with the body. Along with my friend and massage therapist, we started with Dr. Shultz’s colon cleanse combined with his liver cleansing herbs for 5 days and then the colon cleanse with his kidney cleansing herbs for 5 days.

I included his hot/cold shower therapy, dry brushing my skin and massaging specific body parts. The first 3 days of the liver/colon cleansing I was so sick. Very toxic liver, my massage therapist suggested I do a coffee enema or colonic. I did the coffee enema and experienced relief. I stuck to his program and was amazed at what was coming out of my body.

Completing this I felt good enough to join yoga classes again (i had kept starting and stopping over the years!) 3 times a week. Added more distance to my everday jogging and free weights.

I was telling an aquaintance about Dr.Shultz’s cleansing methods and they directed me to I visited the site and became so inspired by all the methods and testimonials I began my first parasite cleanse almost immediately. The health food store provided me with a blend of herbs called ParaForce by Prairie Naturals. Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, Cloves, Grapefruit seeds, MSM, other things i can’t remember.

The results were truly significant and lead to my first inclination of the imbalance of candida. Experiencing the die-off effect for the first few days, then I also notice in my BM cotton ball like things - candida. No worms (that I could recognize) just the candida. I posted the results to curezone, other suggested it was candida.

Then I researched candida, tried Oxygen therapy. A bottle of white powder mixed with water and lemon juice. This was affective with my bowel movements and during the program i experienced BMs that contained weird white and brownish transparent things that seemed like a coating of some sort. I think this was stuff coating my colon.

I then tried my first liver flush. Whoa. Intense and successful. I experienced overall relief and more consistent BMs. I also notice a difference in my ability to eat proteins (like nuts) but still experienced the bloating. I continued with the Liver Flushes . After the second one, i developed an eczema like rash on my right hand. I inquired at curezone, some said this was the candida coming out of my body. My energy increased and I was shocked at how little I knew about the body. I think a Liver Flush really contributes to the wonder of its functions and abilities. I began going to a meditation centre.

My research continued and I began an anti-candida diet, which i personally call the sugarless/non-carb/non-acidic menu. I became very disciplined with myself because if i ate anything with the “candida-favorable” ingredients my eczema would become itchy, red and blister.

I contacted 2 naturopaths (one on curezone, one in my region) and they both confirmed systemic candida imbalance. I first tried the advice of my regional naturopath (who is concentrated on an individuals water intake and water sources) I added Aerobic Oxygen to my water and drank no water that was acidic (I bought a water testing kit).

Drinking LOTS of water. He also suggested this powder which I think was FOS. I noticed I began losing the weight I gained in the middle region (which I think was candida in my tissues).

I did another 3 liver flushes (2 week intervals). Noticed the eczema got worse with the 3rd one and then diminished with the 4th-5th one.

I then added (I was obsessed at this point with getting all the candida in my blood) the Natural Healing Solutions protocol of MSM, Collodial Silver and Vitamen C from Russ, here on curezone.
While I waited for his products I was financially able to begin my dental cleanse.

For the next month and a half I had my partial root canal extracted and all my mercury fillings replaced with non-toxic materials. I followed with cholorphyll and a mercury detox product (some of the ingredients being lots of Vitamen E and selenium) and completed that.

I received Russ’s regime and began it immediately. I began noticing ALOT of relief in my eczema to the point of it disappearing to just dry skin. By the way I was now enrolled in dancing classes again (I had been a dancer in my youth) and still continuing all the other activity I mentioned.

I was feeling so incredible and very strong. I began reintroducing some foods into my menu, carbs. i responded to some okay but other not so good, such as oatmeal, potatoes. These are more refined than say, cracked wheat and brown rice. I just continued on Russ’s regime and the anti-candida diet with a few new foods added.

After completing his regime. I did not test new foods, but I noticed my nose was no longer red, my eczema just dry skin (I decided to add more oils such as flax, olive for this), no fuzziness in my eyes, no irritability, no flecks in my urine. Oh, as well a wart I had developed over the years completely fell off on his regime.

Feeling great and taking a huge leap, i went off to a third world country to do some research and took the necessary health precautions recommended although I resisted some of the vaccines. Here I became so focused in what i was doing i forgot all about candida. I mean i felt balanced.

When I returned one month later. I had had only one bad digestive experience on the way back. I ate or drank something disagreeable the night before leaving. I did a parasite cleanse. I noticed no old symptoms of the candida imbalance, but i did have some digestive problems with certain foods (high-fiber foods). So I decided to do a cleanse (thinking perhaps there is still some candida in my colon).

I called a local colonic therapist and talked to her. I began her preparations for a colon treatment as well, I did some of my own research on colonics and discovered that it is one of ways to remove excess candida from your system. Apparently, you can almost eliminate it totally on your own with all the things I had been doing plus adding psyllium seed drinks and acidophillus everyday but it would take sometimes years to get it all out.

Colonics can reach and flush out an area of the large colon called the cecum (close to the connection to the small colon) where pocket of candida can remain and thrive.

It is suggested that to eliminate candida 3 treatments a week for 2 weeks then high daily dosages of acidophilus (9 capsules or 4 double-strength capsules) for 10 days following.

Since this is costly, I decided to do only two consecutive colonic treatments one week and the the following week do 3 self-administered pure water enemas.

I finished the first two colonics in week one and am now going to do my second water enema tomorrow. I started the increased doses of acidophilus yesterday. I will complete the program and keep you posted.

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