Is the VitaminShoppe Mega men multivitamin safe or dangerous????

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My first question is: Is the VitaminShoppe Mega men multivitamin safe or dangerous????.

My next question is: What would be the best non injectable cycle I could do that would be run twice a year maximum?..

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Your question was: Is the VitaminShoppe Mega men multivitamin safe or dangerous????.

Btw I just read on one forum that stack of.

Oxanadrolone,primabolan and winny it's wery popular and you can gain good quality mass on it.

And all of this products you can get in oral versions.

And for example.

W1-W6 oxanadrolone 30mg ED (wery good gear ).

W1-W6 primobolan 75 mg ED ( this is no 17aa gear).

W3-W6 stanazozol 30mgED.

And for pct 20mg nolva ED W7-W8.

Im wery curious of this cycle this non injectale version lol.

There is also oral version of tren ace ( parabolan ).

I think it will help you a bit bro..

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What about just a good old dbol cycle for 6 weeks - Breakfast of champions! I'm thinking of doind a dbol cycle myself soon. as I remember uv tried this b4 anyway crazycal. can you recommend it?? dosage?? Did you keep much of the gains?..

Comment #2

Damn...not this old topic again...haven't we beat this into the ground?...I have no comment on this.....

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Hey sitries good to hear from you again-.

How`d youre cycle turn out-.

Have you kept your gains whilst travelling?.

Yeah I have tried at but it was low dose with weekends off-.

It was fine but only any good as a first cycle I suspect-.

I`m now doing a 6 weeker at 30 mg a day-.

Just looking for ideas :idea:.

Tbh I shoulda tried some superdrol-but i`m just doing whats in the cupboard.

Soulcard aka mr.prop considering the 140+ views in a week of this thread I guess theres alot of lurkers out there who dont want to inject either, which was my other reason for doing the thread-.

It may be an old chesnut, but it's a good debatable one..

Comment #4

At the end of the day I found that some people just dont want to do injections period, we have thrashed this subject to pieces with the pro's and con's but if they dont want to do injections because they are scared or just dont have the confidence, then I think we should just try to help them the best we can, offering advice on relatively safe options..

I know this is a big turn around for me because I was dead against oral only cycles, but thats because I know there are better ways to gain more muscle faster and less stress on the body, but not evrybodys goal is to get huge so I suppose I see were the oral only cycle has it's uses..

Just my opinion ofcourse..

Comment #5

How about test undecanoate (andriol) [non 17aa] plus something 17aa, like tbol or dbol? Maybe chuck winny on top...


Comment #6


Personally speaking the issue is not about being scared -.

I simply have huge reservations about using needles when there are alternatives-.

Having no desire to compete or get freaky big I dont see the point..

Comment #7

Wasnt having ago was the exact oposite!, I just didnt list every example why people dont want to use needles because there are thousands of reasons!...

Comment #8

Hey crazycal. travellings going well and the cycle went really well. I put on around 2 stone. then lost a bit of size after pct. Overall I think I kept 1.5 stone. but since then iv lost more.

Overall from the cycle even though my training and diet havent been the best iv still kept over half a stone which I'm pretty happy with. I never expected to keep it all. Now my money has run out and I'm going to be working for a few months I'm going to get back into my trainig properly and hopefully muscle memory will mean I can put on some size without needing gear. I may just use creatine as I think it works pretty well for small gains. maybe il get soem dbol aswel though I really wana give it a go at a low dose and find out for myself about this non injectable cycle debate!!!! iv got some nolvadex left to use up than I dont want going to waste!..

Comment #9

Hey dude good to hear from you again-.

Party on dude!..

Comment #10

All the regular members have flogged this to death we all have our opinions I guess it's an each to there own. I think the main point to grab is if you have no probs using needles then you should do so. You'll get better gains and it's safer. Other than that if you do have probs for whatever reason then there are cycles that experienced people on here will suggest that you can do well from..

Personally I'd maybe go for something like Nick suggested but wary of the winny on the joints and hairline..

Comment #11

Absolutley YG you cant compare the gains from oral cycles to injectables-.

Depends on your goals I guess...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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