Is ther anything that a person can to pass a drug screen besides the expencive VitaminShoppe product?

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My first question is: Is ther anything that a person can to pass a drug screen besides the expencive VitaminShoppe product?.

My next question is: Hello everyone,.

I know you have got a lot of people asking about this in different ways, but please I hope for your answers.

I have had gyno since puperty and 2 years ago I had it removed with surgery,.

I am going to start a very light cycle for 6 weeks deca-duraboline and winstrol, I dont want to get too big as I am almost satisfied with how I am now, just want bit of improvement...

I have been reading that people who are prone to gyno are advised 10mg of nolvadex daily during the cycle...

But online in different formus there has been debate about nolvadex and proviron, online it has been recommended nolvadex for gyno...

My main question is, how much of nolvadex should I take daily through the cycle and should I still take it after the cycle is finishied? ( because some free estrogine still floating around the body)..

Many thanks..

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Your question was: Is ther anything that a person can to pass a drug screen besides the expencive VitaminShoppe product?.

Forget Proviron Nolvadex is the most used the others r clomid and proviron, most use nolvadex..

Days 1-7 40mg ed.

Days 8-21 20mg ed.

Usually 2 to 3 days after last injection, assuming your taking fast acting aas, if not which I dont think decca is then you need to extend your course with 2 weeks of dbol. then 3 days after last tabs start pct. r you familiar with hcg?.

Read this thread mate it could help.


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Deca takes an age to kick in so 6 weeks isn't really longh enough, pct would start 3 weeks after your last jab...

Comment #2

I certainly wouldn't extend with dbol either. Test prop?.

Proviron works very differently to nolva and would be best utilised as part of your 'ON' cycle rather than in PCT...

Comment #3

Don't use nolva to try and avoid deca gyno. It has been shown to make the problem worse...

Comment #4

Yeah I wouldn't use dbol either, test prop as young gun said..

Comment #5

First of all thanks for all your replies but now I am totally confused!.

Some day nolva and other says it makes things worse if I want to avoid gyno!!.

One of the reasons I want to take dbol and test prb is that deca is the easies on the liver and I have hepatitis A long time ago and I dont want to put any stress on the liver..

I just want a light course, may be 6 weeks isnt enough to make any difference but I am sure it will make a slight difference and that is all what I need with using winstrol....

Comment #6

If you don't want to put stress on the liver, then why run dbol... one of the harshest ones for liver. Stick to injectable and no orals.....

Comment #7

Personally if I was in your position id be doing a few things:.

1 - only running short acting gear... if you get gyno then at least the gear is out of you in a few days and the gyno will reduce some... with long acting gear you have 3 weeks or so before the gear is out oif your system.. meaning 3 weeks or so of inceased gyno!.

2 - taking as many preventative measures as possible... i.e. running ARIMIDEX with your cycle.. it's more expensive than nolva but cheaper than getting bitch tits cut out... again!!.

3 - at first only running one compound at a time and gauging how your body responds to it and whether it causes gyno for you or not! if you run 2 at once you dont know what your responding to!.

Also... did you know you can mainly get gyno from gear in 2 different ways... excess estrogen... and excess progesterone... which can be casued by decca... which your thinking of running! do you know what your original gyno was caused by????.

Personally not taking the above measures I would say is like someone with brittle bones riding a bike without a helmet!!..

Comment #8

Thank you so much for your hekpful reply...

In my teenage years, I was fat and, you know, during puperty gyno could appear but then it goes away again, but with some people it stays! I mean.. hormone wise, I have been always perfectly fine as I have always made tests!.

I have a question, what is considered high dose of deca,,.

I know that deca affecrs are slow to kick in....

I was planning for 6.

200 mg, then 400,, then 200, is that considred high dose?.

And I will take winstrol.. 20 twice a week( injection).

Another question...

Can I take winstrol on it's own just to cut off some fat and get bit lean!.

Many thanks guys, I mean it..

Comment #9


I meant I was planning for 6 weeks cyle , thats all...

Comment #10

Guys, I have been also thinking of just taking a winstrol only cyccle, just out of ear of gyno because I had gyno before, and I did a lot ofresearch about it, and apparently, it worked for a lot of people, they cut off fat and they got slightly bigger, and I dont need more than that actually.. but of course injectable winsrol.

What do you think?..

Comment #11

As I have said before... id advise sticking to one compound to check how you respond... so id advise teh winny as opposed to the other cycle......

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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