Is this pathetic or abnormal? I met this cute VitaminShoppe clerk for 5 minutes talking, and 10 mont?

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My first question is: Is this pathetic or abnormal? I met this cute VitaminShoppe clerk for 5 minutes talking, and 10 mont?.

My next question is: Hi Guys.

What's the simplest way for me to get a blood test in the UK, I'll need my liver, test and colesterol levels checked...I'm gonna find it hard just walking into my Dr's and just asking for it since she's gonna turn round and ask "why?".

Sure I could make some shit up about feeling depressed and maybe I have low test levels but 2 other tests at the same time! she's not gonna buy that..

Anyway advise from UK posters only please as the US medical system is vastly different,..

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Your question was: Is this pathetic or abnormal? I met this cute VitaminShoppe clerk for 5 minutes talking, and 10 mont?.

Surprised more UK peeps arn't chiming in here ?

Comment #1

I also need to get bloods done - last time I tried to ask my doctor he launched into one about how bodybuilding isn't a sport because I don't compete, and that if i'm doing something that might cause damage to my body then I need to look at the emotional and phychological reasons behind why i'm doing it - will I come back for a 30 minute therapy session, after that I might give you a blood test..


Comment #2

Is it not possible to just pay for them privately?.

Dont know much about this subject and, tbh not really thought about it much yet either.....

Comment #3

.. I don't know ... maybe i'm a bit of an old woman, but personally I just don't think it's a good idea to get 'steroid user' spashed all over your medical records. I'm sure the last time I applied and filled in an application form for the morgage or some insurance form, one of the questions was "have you ever used anabolic steroids?".

As i'm sure a lot of you guys are aware the laymans view of someone who uses steroids is probably something like a murdering violent baby eating manic depressive, who at somepoint inthe future is going to lose it big time!!!.........

Now, if I go to the doctors and ask for blood tests, chances are the qwacks going to ask why, and if I say i'm taking gear...... it's on the record!... "Steroid abuser..".

...if anything happens to me and the wife and kids are set to get the millions in life insurance... from the insurance company that trys to worm it's way out of paying anything ......... looks at my medical records and see's steroid 'abuser' written on my notes and also see's I never admitted this when I applied for the void???.

Or should I go to the doctors and tell him / her everything?.

Or am just going over the top here??..

Comment #4

I think you're being a bit unfair there mate. Surely your GP is just acting professionally. I get lots of people refered by the GPs, who are going to embark on something and counselling is often seen as part of that process. This can range from comestic surgery to IVF and I've been sent a handful of bodybuilders who are starting or considering using gear.

Whether we like it or not we also have a big litigation culture now and the Gp is possibly also covering his own back and making sure he'scovered all bases in case anything should go wrong..

To be honest, I'd feel safer with a GP like yours than one who will just do the test without questioning. Just my opinion mate..

Comment #5

Yeah, to be fair the doc is probably just covering his/her own backside a bit there...

Think the main worry is it ending up on your medial records & being seen as a black mark when it comes to life insurance n stuff really isnt it..

Someone should bring out a diy kit.....

Comment #6

Apologies squatty, I didn't mean it to come across so bluntly..

The point here is that there was no mention of steroids whatsoever.... within 20 seconds of me entering the room I was in the middle of an argument over whether bodybuilding is a competitive sport or not...

I just think the way he handled it was poor and lets face it, the NHS failed me in this instance, because I did not go for his therapy session and therefore didn't get the blood tests (hey, maybe I should have but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction because we pretty much had an argument in the surgery...) -..

Comment #7

Just pass out in a public place, you get an ambulance ride to the infirmary, your own bed, heart check, blood check, urine check and an MRI!.

Your doc will call you for an apointment a few days later to review the results..

Worked for me. ops:..

Comment #8

NIck - there may not have been any mention of steroids but after just viewing your latest pics, you're one huge monster man now. So, you walk into the surgery, an argument about bodybuilding develops and then you ask for blood tests - he's have to be very naive not to know why you're asking..

Sorry if I've gone off on one and I know you're uncomfortable about discussing the gear aspect on this forum, so I shouldn't have responded like that.

Photos are looking awesome mate..

Comment #9

Ask if they have a "Well Man Clinic", I used to go there once a year and they checked out everything. I told them I was concerned because there was diabetes, cardiac problems and cancer in my family and as I had lost a few friends through car and bike crashes and another through a heart attack, one through and OD and one with a stomach ulcer I was becoming paranoid so they allowed it..

I was on gerar and competing at the time and everything was coming back 100%, oddly enough they didn't spot my genetic heart condition til 5 years later!.

I've just been prescribed test gel but I don't want it, I told my GP that my girlfriend is a tested athlete (true) and how if the transdermal gel were to rub off onto her she could fail a test so I wanted Sustanon 100 to take intramuscularly once a week instead.

My GP has not the slightest clue about any of this, he asked who prescribed this to me so I told him the endocrinoligist and he said "Oh, you have an appointment with him in January" to which I told him I didn't fancy 3 months on low test so he aked me to put it all in a letter and he would forward it to my endocrinoligist for me. I said "am I not as well taking it straight to him rather than him write back to you for you to relay info to me? I may have questions or he may want to question me on points which you can't help him with.".

My GP said "yes, contact him direct, you know more about this than I do so just deal directly with him"..

GP's do have a purpose but much more than runny noses, sore backs and sweaty feet or snoring and they are useless IMO..

25% off for MChat members..

Comment #10

I've found a few online tests, anyone know if these online ones are any good ? Or if anyone has some better sites for blood test kits or walk in centers ? .



Comment #11

Or an even better site.


It even says for bodybuilders 10th line down, they also do tests but not sure which one would be best.


There are probably better sites or places out there just need to type the right thing into google..

Comment #12

You definitely do not want the reasons behind th tests on your medical records. The government recently passed a bill to end doctor patient confidentiality if the information to which the doctor is asked to keep confidential gives rise to criminal conduct.

Now fair enough personal use etc.. however it's obvious that you get it from somewhere. I think the law is in it's white paper stage next month. Hence the new forms for insurance. If it's on your med records and you don't declare it. Insurance void...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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