Is Vinegar Okay?

Question posted on a forum:

Hi everyone. With all the conflicting info on good and bad foods on the candida diet, I still haven’t been able to get a clear answer on a couple of items.

1.) Apple cider vinegar. I’ve used a little of the organic raw, unfiltered kind in a salad dressing I make (consisting only of that, olive oil and Bragg’s unfermented liquid amino acids) but I’m not sure if ALL vinegar is off-limits or not. And,

2.) Organic unsweetened cocoa powder that I sweeten only with pure liquid stevia.

Given that I am trying to have a real life here while still adhering to the non-yeast producing foods, I’d like to think I could still have the occasional pleasures of chocolate. Does anyone know what affect the pure cocoa bean has on candida?

Thanks for any input!

Answer: Vinegar, all types to my knowledge, are fermented by fungus and are acid forming and create sticky mucus in the body. They are the product of the very things you are tying to suppress. There is a really good book called “sick and tired?

reclaim your inner terrain” by Dr. Robert O. Young that lays all this information out really well. I think you would find that it would help you in regaining control with your candida overgrowth. I’ve been with his program for two months and feeling great.

Just to add to the good news on apple cider vinegar, here is what I have learned about it from a guy I consider a fungal expert. Doug Kauffman has a show that can be seen on Family Net called Your Health with Doug Kauffman, there is also a live feed of his show on his website, ( he has written several books on fungus and it’s link to many diseases. The Fungus Link, The Germ that Causes Cancer and Infectious Diabetes (you can find his books at Amazon).

What he says about apple cider vinegar is that it creates malic acid in our bodies as it digests and that this malic acid kills yeast or does not allow it to reproduce (can’t remember which). I have heard many people say that they feel die off pretty quickly upon taking 1 tsp. of raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. I know when I take it I get a lot of sinus drainage.

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