Kimchi - Good Or Bad?

KimchiQuestion: kimchi, whether cabbage, raddish, cucumber or other vegetables has lots of garlic, cayenne pepper, but is it really good for Candida yeast or bad?


Fermented kimchi with salt and cayenne pepper (even Korean cayenne pepper) should be safe as long as the spices carries out their effects keeping mold out, ferment it inside a closed box, exchange the creme fraiche in fish/kimchi-sauce to an egg based one (if tolerated), the egg sauce is harder to make and may fail if you don’t mix it constantly while preparing it, better have a blender handy.. oh and keep out the sugar.

Kimchi usually become moldy after five days so the line should be drawn at three days.
If you have leaky gut stay out of the cayenne pepper or other hot spices for that matter, I guess it wouldn’t be a good idea to eat kimchi while having a leaky gut.

Those with leaky gut can make cabbage rejuvelac instead (recipes on Google), principally it’s made after the same basic guidelines as kimchi.

Over consuming kimchi or cabbage rejuvelac may though make your bowels go bonkers.

Yaw know…I LOVE kimchi! I eat every form, and it has never given me trouble. I think the fermenting is fine because it is NOT fermented with candida supporting agents….meaning wheat, sugar…etc…

Someone mentioned Korean cayenne…I use red pepper powder….is it the same thing?? I buy it at a Korean store….just curious.

One of our family friend’s is Korean; we get to indulge in a lot of Korean food. I love it…well I will admit though, I’m not REAL fond of the winter Kimchi….

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