Looking for replacement tool to mitre rubber gasket P/N VitaminShoppe-1 WATSCO Made in USA US Pat 24?

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My first question is: Looking for replacement tool to mitre rubber gasket P/N VitaminShoppe-1 WATSCO Made in USA US Pat 24?.

My next question is: Hi guys I'm new to this site but it all looks really good so far there are alot of knowledgable people on here so I'm hoping one of you can help me fine tune my cycle..

Looking at doing a 8-10 week course depending on results and it's going to look like this..

Weeks 1-8/10.

Mon - 250ml sust and 200ml deca.

Thurs - 250ml sust and 200ml deca.

Nice and simple but heard I could get some good gains off of it..

Pct will be standard nolva pct..

But was speaking to a couple of guys about it and they said add 30mg of dbol each day to the cycle between weeks 1 and 4..

So my questions which I hope someone can help me with are:.

1. is the dbol needed or will I get good gains without it..

2. whats the dbol going to add to the cycle and is 30mg each day the right amount..

3. are any of these substances really suseptable to gyno problems..

Hope someone can help me I am open to all advice and critcism GOOD OR BAD..

P.s sorry for the essay and my poor spelling..

Hope to hear from someone soon..

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Your question was: Looking for replacement tool to mitre rubber gasket P/N VitaminShoppe-1 WATSCO Made in USA US Pat 24?.

Hi I'm currently weighing 14 stone dead..

So the dbol is not really needed then but will the end result be different as you said the dbol will help with the gains while the decca and the sust builds up but by the end of the 10 weeks will the dbol gains of gone cos if thats the case then there is no point or will it help and increase my overall gains if I added it..

Also can I shoot the 250 sust and the 200 decca in the same jab at the same time so put both into the syringe?.

Lastly is that enough decca and sust a week or too much or too little for my weight..

I know it's hard to answer this but what type of gains am I likely to see/expect on the course with or without the dbol..

Can I not just take the nolva early if I suspect signs or the stuff you reccomended is it tab form or injectable also is that every day for the 10 weeks and then standard pct.

Cheers for your help again...

Comment #1

The dbol wont make a major impact on final lean muscle gained, but will probably give an impack on final weight - by this I mean that dbol will facilitate water gain, so the gains 'feel' explosive - it also helps apetite and the placebo effect from the weight gain is great for motivation. In terms of final '4 weeks after cycle condition' - the dbol for those 4 weeks isn't gonna really contribute to much..

Yes you can shoot in the same jab..

Its a good amount for a first injectable cycle for your weight..

If you eat clean and train well, and assuming you aren't a total noobie, you can expect ~10 - 14lbs of muscle on 10 weeks I would expect..

Nolva, yes you can take it if you have signs of gyno. Arimidex and femera are oral. Arimidex generally is EOD (every other day), for the whole 10 weeks, and not used in PCT..


Comment #2

Cheers Nick, saved me 10 minutes of typing!! LOL..

Comment #3

So final cycle will look like this:.

Weeks 1-7 500ml of sust and 400ml of decca split between a mon and thur shot..

Weeks 7-10 400ml of decca split same as before.

Weeks 1-10 1mg arimidex eod.

Then am I correct in saying my pct will start at week 11 and that will be the standard nolva pct..

Also the sust comes in 100ml so should I do a 300 shot then a 200 shot or is there a way of doing 2x250 shots bearing in mind I will be adding the decca in the same syringe..

And is it best to draw with blue and inject with green I'm doing glute only shots. and what size guage will I need bearing in mind that it could be up to 500ml per shot..

Thanks again for your expert help I feel alot more at ease with it all now hope the cycle is perfect now?..

Comment #4

You need to leave time between the last deca shot too so get rid of 'weeks 7-10 400ml of decca split same as before' : Neil R will be able to confirm how many days from last deca shot..

1mg arimidex as a precautionary measure is too much, 0.5mg is fine....

Sust usually comes as a 250 shot...? not sure how to advise on splitting..

I withdraw with black and inject with blue..


Comment #5

100ml???? think you must have this wrong mate... normally sust will be 250mg/ml... i.e. in 1ml of liquid is 250mg of the steroid.

With decca it's usually either 100mg/ml or 200mg/ml....

So each of your shots will either be 1ml of sust and 1ml of decca (total 2ml in syringe) or 1ml of sust and 2ml of decca (total 3ml in syringe)..

Personally I would inject with blues.. 1.25" 23g... as these are finer needle than greens... and id suggest drawing up with cream 1.5" 19g... I'm sure others may suggest different tho!..

Comment #6

Would'nt of thought a blue would be long enough for the glutes mate, possibly legs arms, smaller muscle groups but the glutes id say green or orange coloured needles if your going into the butt. But hey what do I know. I use orange on glutes and blues else where...

Comment #7

I use blues 1.25 inch all the time for glutes.... never had any probs personally... dont see point of lancing myself with a big knife when theres no need!..

Comment #8

Totally agree mate but your the first to say blues in glutes, I mean those frigging greens are massive and thick like a dart..

But ive never read or ever been told blue for glutes, surley they dont get deep enough into the muscle, glutes cary the most fat possibly half inch thick, unless your cut to the bone..

Any way it workd for you mate and you look great so who am I to disagree, not that I'm not just debating the fact..

Comment #9

Ok I'm confused now I know it doesn't take much but I was gonna do a 10 week course of sust and decca but then neil R said "Also, you should be aware that Sust is active for 4 weeks (dependant on individual metabolic rate) therefore for a 10 week cycle your last shot would be on monday of week 7!".

So went for 7 weeks of sust and 10 weeks of decca,.

But now it's says I should only do the decca for 7 weeks aswell.

So should it be 7week cycle of deccca and sust or a 10 week cycle of decca and sust???.

And now Arimidex will be 0.5mg every other day or 0.5 every day??.

Sorry about all this just wanna get it nailed before I start it thanks again for bearing with me..

Comment #10

One minute you're trying to set us up as an escort agency and the next,you're admitting to having a small arse..

Not the best PR for the clientelle you're trying to attract mate..

Comment #11

Don't worry about it mate, I can understand the confusion!.

Ok, to clarify; Sust has duration of 4 weeks therefore last shot monday of week 7 - CORRECT.

Deca (nandralone Decanoate) is active, typically, for 14 days therefore last shot could reasonably be either Monday OR thursday of week 8. (This will give a slight overlap for a couple of days, but at such a very low dosage it won't make a terrific difference).

Arimadex 0.5mg EOD - 10 weeks.

PCT - 20mg Nolva/day starting beginning of week 11 reducing to 10mg/day after 2 weeks then 0 after 2 weeks ( giving 4 weeks of nolva).

I think this will clear the confusion, but just ask if you need owt else. Its what were here for mate..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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