Candida Question and Answers

How Do I Do An Ion Cleanse?
What is an ion cleanse? What are the steps involved? And what are the benefits?

How Do I Kill Candida Infections?
Finally rid yourself of candida yeast overgrowth. You do not have to suffer in silence!

What Are the Benefits of Bentonite Clay?
Learn the benefits of bentonite clay, how it works, and where it comes from. Is this the right colon cleanser for you?

What Are Male Yeast Infections?
What are male yeast infections, how can I get them, and what are the symptoms?

How Do I Fast Safely?
Understand what fasting is all about, and how to fast safely...

How Accurate Are Candida Tests?
Just how accurate are candida tests? Can I trust the results 100%?

Anti fungals that do not kill good bacteria?
What are some anti fungals that don't kill beneficial bacteria in the gut?

Candida Diet Complaints
What are some common diet complaints and how can I deal with them?

Can yogurt cure candida?
Can simply consuming yogurt cure candida once and for all?

Coconut oil for candida ?
Is coconut oil good for battling candidiasis?

Good brand of probiotics ?
What is the best brand of probiotics available in the market?

Have candida and breastfeeding
Is it a problem if I have candida and breastfeeding at the same time?

Help - I just cheated on the candida diet
I just cheated on the anti-candida diet.. what should I do to get back? Am I doomed?

Help - The diet isnt working!
I've been on the diet for a few weeks... and I still have candida. What should I do?

How long does it take to cure candida?
How long does it usually take to cure myself of candida albicans?

How to handle die off effects of Threelac ?
I'm taking Threelac, and am experiencing die off effects. What should I do to counteract this?

Is gas common in the Candida Diet
So, I'm on the candida diet now, and am having lots of gas. Is this normal?

Is it possible to be cured of candida ?
I've tried so many options and still have candida. Is it even possible to be 100% cured?

Is vinegar ok for candida ?
If I have candida, can I consume vinegar? Or is it a no-no?

Kimchi - good or bad for candida ?
Can I consume Kimchi (YUM) if I have candida albicans?

Molybdenum for candida
I heard molybdenum can help for candida - is this true?

Any Primal defense side effects ?
I am taking Primal Defense as my probiotic. Will I experience any side effects?

Protein Important In the Candida diet ?
Is it important to consume more protein than normal if I'm on the candida diet?

Should i take anti fungals with Threelac ?
I'm taking Threelac but am wondering if I should take another anti-fungal with Threelac

So, What can i eat if I got candida?
I know there are tons of foods to avoid.. but what CAN I eat?

What are the benefits of vinegar baths?
What are some health benefits of taking vinegar baths?

The best fiber shake for candidiasis ?
Should I buy a commercial fiber shake, or make my own? Which one is the best?

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