Molybdenum for Candida

Question: Has anybody ever tried this or experimented with it? Molybdenum that is …cause this brain fog, a lack of memory and concentration problems r kind of beginning to piss me off after 2 yrs. Game a shout back if u have and insight on this mineral. It seems really good for what it does, but what r the long term effects?


Molybdenum will bind the copper in your system and cause copper deficiency. I would be very careful in taking this mineral. I know whereof I speak. We farmed for over 20 years. We applied commercial fertilizer to the hay fields during the first couple of years as we got a deal on it through the Conservation office. We only ran the standard N P K tests, not trace minerals.

Commercial fertilizer has molybdenum in it but we didn’t know that. Our land was marginal on copper to start with. The commercial fertilizer bound up the copper in the soil and caused copper deficiency in the forages for the next 20 years+ to this very day. The forages all contain excess molybdenum that causes dietary problems in any livestock we raise on the property.

All this and we’re talking very low concentrations of molybdenum to do this damage. Be careful.

The amount required to cause copper deficiency varies with the amount of copper intake you normally have. People in areas that are normally low in copper content of the soil and who get most of their foodstuffs (fresh produce) from marginal copper areas are going to be much more sensitive to molybdenum interference. A dose or two may not hurt, but if you intend to take molybdenum long term, consider monitoring your copper levels with your health practitioner.

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