On the VitaminShoppe protein shakes it says to make a 3 scoop drink once per day on non-training day?

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My first question is: On the VitaminShoppe protein shakes it says to make a 3 scoop drink once per day on non-training day?.

My next question is: Im browsing the web looking for different types of stacks on sites/forums/books etc. And I noticed it is difficult to just fint he kind of information you want.

Then I thought to myself we got some serious talent on this board such as the field of experience and the science field and members of have just gone on roid cycles.

So I had an idea :idea: which I think could really benefit this site and provide really good clear concise cycles..

What we could do is compile all the cycles that have people have done and the pct etc. Then describe how they felt about it the gains they got from it then side effects and what amount of gains they managed to get left over..

So we could in turn be starting are own kind of steroid hand book which is freely available of course..

So we would draw the table of the stack and then underneath write the requirements. And then underneath that the dude or chica who did the cycle can write about it preferabley in some detail as we want to cover all the angles. This information would obviously include all their bodystats and type as well.

Hopefully over some time this could really build up and possibly contain like 100 different cycles that have been done and exactly what they got from it. We could make our own little pdf ^^ ohh the possibilities..

Really want to get your thoughts on this guys as I would really love to read through the cycles you guys have done and basically just everything about it really to be perfectly honest.


Robert 8)..

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Your question was: On the VitaminShoppe protein shakes it says to make a 3 scoop drink once per day on non-training day?.

Interesting POV, but for those are already experienced and would like to know of different cycles and the effects that others got would come in handy. Not every single person is scientifically minded i.e. they just cant learn the stuff and because of that does that mean they are not entitled to take steroids because they have difficulties understanding the subject? Of course not!.

The whole point is to provide tried and tested stacks that works and how and why it works not just the stack. People will be more inclined to read about how it went as they would like to know how it could possibly benefit themselves.

The whole idea is based on getting people from different stages of bodybuilding to write up their experiences. Its not different to a progress journal to be perfectly honest. Except it is compressed and contains the essential and key information that is relevant.

I personally dont like loading up sites which are trying to sell you these ebooks etc or are just trying to advertise some scam steroid sellers I want compressed info point which is a no bollock experience guide..



Comment #1

I think is a good idea Splinter, but I tend to agree with Alicat too about the dangers of having such personal approaches open to everyone and anyone..

We would need to make this only visible to members and with a disclaimer and statement saying "this was an spproach I took and found good but it is not designed to cure any medical conditions and is not advised to anyone without prior consultation of your GP"..

If anyone decides to follow one they must know it's not the advice or anything to do with Musclechat management and if they do opt to follow one then it is entirely their own choice and they are following the drug use of someone with no medical qualifications..

I would personally like this to be in the VIP area but not too many will see it...

Comment #2

Totally agrre with you MMUK, people have to be responsible with information that can pose health problems to individuals..

Ive always said research is king, problem is not all off us have the ability to be able to sit down and research...

Comment #3

This does sound like a great idea....but at the same time I see where Alicot is going when it comes to amatures misusing information. I would definatley like to see what types of cycles all of the other members have ran and how it affected them, as well as post my own cycle results when I finish.

I agree with Mmuk tho, this sort of thing should have some degree of restricted access..

Comment #4

Yeah I do indeed..

Write down what you did on your cycles i.e. the week etc as per normal..

Then write about the gains you made before and after and how it made you feel etc..

I dunno if you guys wanna email it to me or we put it in vip or something. But once I get them all ill draw up some pretty tables etc grammar check them all make sure your happy etc and make it into a nice little pdf when I have gotten enough diff cycles/stories...

Comment #5

Gear in my opinion is not the be all and end all.. hard training and good consistent diet is what makes the most difference....

Personally I think what would be more useful to newbies/intermediates is say a list of 10 different cycles/stacks giving basic details of what each compoubd does and why it should be included..

Letting people have free range is always a bad idea... I know alot of fat buggers who given such an opportunity would rave on about some massive course they had 3 years ago which was the best in teh world ever.. personally downloaded from ronnies website etc... made them stronger than an elephant with the sexual prowess of the devil himself.. but there would be no evidence to back this up..

Id rather see musclechat as a place to educate people in the right direction not a place where people could get led down the garden path un-necessarily??? lets keep our advice to things we can actually back-up and justify!..

Comment #6

Also it's what makes our community what it is, people having to ask others questions, take away that element and it would just kill this section if most could just come here and get what they wanted without having to participate in any chat with other members..

Keep em posting..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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